Giant Tracks Found In The Ohio Snow Look Like Bigfoot

From the youtube channel of Warren Player:

Last Winter early Feb, I was hiking in the Forrest of the Bedford, Ohio MetroPark Reservation... These tracks were very real and I could not believe what I was actually looking at as I almost walked right by them thinking they were just ordinary foot tracks in the snow. That day I was the only hiker out there by myself and I don't think anyone was playing a hoax by putting fake tracks out in the snow... looking at the tracks closely pictures taken from my camera phone doesn't do the prints justice, because in person I could see partial definition of outlined huge toes covered up by some snow fall, I had a very erie feeling come over as I was taking picture of these tracks, if there is a bigfoot out there it is certainly in this Forrest for sure or it was just passing through.


  1. Not a bigfoot track.

    Next bigfoot BS!

  2. Last February and now you decide to post this? Were you in jail or something?

  3. Anonymous Hater! Anonymous Don't know nor educated on what real snow shoe prints looks like:

    The front tip of these snow shoe prints are wide not narrow.

    Look up and google snow shoe prints and see if you can match them with my orignal photos asshole!

  4. I believe you. I heard whistles when I was there many years ago but didn't realize that this is what those creatures do. It very well could have been a person but it was not how a person would normally whistle. I was annoyed and asked my husband who keeps whistling. He just shrugged it off and we left. I can't help but wonder if it was a bigfoot now that I know they do that. Stop being haters people. Do some research.


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