Monday, December 7, 2015

Frightened Hunter Videos Treepeeker Bigfoot

Ok, so this isn't the Patterson film, but it's still pretty interesting. Nv Tv posted the following video taken by a hunter of a possible bigfoot hiding and observing the hunter from behind a tree. You can certainly see movement of what appears to be a large, dark, upright creature hiding behind the tree. You can also tell that the hunter seems absolutely terrified of whatever he's witnessing.


  1. Replies
    1. I didn't see no muthafuckin sasquatch.

    2. What? Drink a fifth of Scotch, squint your eyes and use your imagination - it's clearly there.

    3. Yeah, tried that and it turned out to be another muthafuckin blobsquatch.

    4. Run for your lives,something is peeking at us Mommy!

    5. Today dmaker blew Joe the F##k Out. It was epic!

    6. @5:38. ..TOTALY TRUE,!

      It was sad for me to witness. the pitiful beatdown joetomi reicieved today!!
      Butt then again SHE (iktomi)
      must like it???

  2. Black arrows aint gonna cut it. Where's the red circle dammit!