Monday, December 21, 2015

Florida Man Claims Sighting Of Family Of Bigfoot

Seeing one bigfoot would be amazing enough, I can't imagine seeing multiple bigfoot. Or bigfoots. Bigfeet? Bigfeetses maybe? Anyway, according to, Michael J. actually claims he had a run in with an entire skunk ape family one evening on his way home after hunting. Check it out:

WHITE SPRINGS, Fla. — A man on Friday came forward about a Bigfoot encounter he said he had in Hamilton County.

28-year-old warehouse worker Mike J., who asked to keep his last name anonymous, says the event took place while hunting with his dog in a rural area he refers to as Black Bay.

“I’ve just recently felt confident enough to tell that story, I’ve keep it to myself and close family for a very long time,” he told Cryptozoology News about the 1997 encounter. “I had a German rock wilder which wasn’t afraid of anything he would always go with me when I would go walking or hunting, this day I chose to go for a hunt I had a single shot 22 with a pocket full of bullets.”

After several hours, he says, he decided to head back home before it became too dark to find the way home.

“As we made it through the fields, I hopped the last fence an waited for my dog to squeeze through the gait, he was very large. I would say about 20 feet away from the start of the path, I heard a whoooop on one side, followed by a sharp whistle on the adjacent side.”

At first, he says he believed the sounds were birds, but as the unidentified sounds continued, Mike realized something else was going on.

“I took a few more steps something let out a deep growl followed by a yell,” he recalls. “I was in total shock. I had never heard anything remotely close to that, it vibrated through my entire body, it literally stunned me and confused me.”

Reportedly, after the yell stopped, the dog began crying and “urinated on himself”. That’s when he allegedly witnessed the ape-like creature.

“I caught a glimpse of something reddish brown cross the path, it wasn’t much taller than me though.”

Suddenly, as the noise stopped, Mike says he made his way trough the path to finally reach his residence.

“The only way home was through the path that this thing just crossed. The sun was almost down, so it was flight or fight… and I chose flight.”

When he arrived home, he said his mother noticed something was wrong.

“She was outside collecting clothes off the line an asked me did I hear a strange noise coming from back that way, I could not reply,” he said.

The Floridian says that, even though he hadn’t heard much about Bigfoot at the time, he knew that what he saw that day wasn’t your average local wildlife and that it was possibly a family of ape-like creatures crossing the path. And he has a theory.

“I know now what I encountered was a family because I heard three vocalizations that evening. At the time, it was hard to understand what was happening… now I know I must have come between the juvenile an the adult. That’s why they distracted me, and ultimately scared the living crap out of me, to insure I didn’t hurt their young.”

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