Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fisherman Has Bigfoot Encounter In South Carolina

A man was alone fishing at a lake in South Carolina, when he had an encounter with a bigfoot type creature just before nightfall. Quite a number of bigfoot sightings take place around lakes, and like many other animals, bigfoot seem to be active near dawn and dusk. The report comes via

63-year-old Steve Blume, a retired electrical contractor, told Cryptozoology News he was fishing alone at Lake Hartwell when he spotted the creature.

“It was just starting to get dark,” he said. “I decided I had better leave cause I had no lights and I knew my wife would be getting worried about me.”

Blume explains that as he was getting ready to pack his gear, he noticed unusual movement behind a bush located 75 yards away.

“The bush was approximately 5 feet high and then this thing stands up from behind the bush and looks right at me,” he adds about the summer of 2012 purported encounter.

The man and the claimed beast reportedly stared at each other for about 15 seconds. Then, says Blume, the animal retreated back to the woods.

“It turns away from me, taking three steps, covering approximately 25 feet… in just three steps.”

The South Carolina resident said the primate-like animal was almost 8 feet tall and had a “brownish black” hair with wide muscular shoulders.

“His face looked like a worn brown leather couch look,” he recalls.

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  1. Bigfoot wears a skirt, people.
    And if that bush is 5ft, it seems I am about 12ft tall!
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  2. Seems like this fisherman caught himself a big smelly turd.

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