Monday, December 28, 2015

Does The East Coast Deserve More Bigfoot Credit?

When it comes to bigfoot does the East coast get a bad rap? Does the Pacific Northwest own the rights to bigfoot? The ECBRO takes a look at the West vs. East in bigfooting, and weighs in with their thoughts.

Is the east coast underestimated when it comes to Bigfoot population?

I believe it is but that’s my two cents.

What’s so different on the West compared to the East ?

* Is it the dense vast forest?
* Bigger mountains?
* Or the rain fall?
* Is it abundance of food selection?

OK all these do matter, but although the West may provide these in a larger amount or quantity, The East has all the same sources and a slight vastness of forest.

Researchers on the East Coast strive to provide evidence as well as answers to the community, as we put forth effort, time, and funds out of our own pockets.

Field Research, Observations, Scientific studies, but with sane logical truth with out overdoing theories that have no solid ground of evidence.

Daniel J. Benoit is the founder of the East Coast Bigfoot Researchers Organization and along with other team members have gone forth almost on a daily bases to seek out evidence and truth to bring home to you, to lay the pieces of the puzzle out to provide the right answers.

Evidence from various East Coast Bigfoot groups and Teams have been shared openly.

I work and compare studies, and other findings with fellow friends and researchers.

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    1. nice collection of rubber stomper tracks. HAHAHA

    2. 12;44

      TK has made a typo...should read as "KNOB" ...and insert "HEAD" after it and you`ll have an apt description of the very man himself.


  2. East coast has just as much imagination as west coast.

  3. The answer is no. Sasquatches only live in the Pacific Northwest. That's it. End of story.