Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bigfoot Researcher Asks For Help Going Through Game Cam Photos

Robert Dodson is needing some help. Dodson posted the following video which contains a large compilation of photos taken from his game camera he has set up at an undisclosed location. The camera is set to take one photo every minute, so there's quite a few photos to go through. If you see anything, be sure to let him know. All I found was a lousy squirrel.


  1. Replies
    1. Man, dressmaker got vaporized today... He was so frustrated, he started to attack his fellow troll racist guy. Best day of my life!

    2. Dmaker= BOSS!
      Joetomi= Fool!

    3. You = Delusional fanboy!
      Dmaker's meltdown today was biblical.

    4. ^ jeez, must have taken all day for you to come up with that one.

    5. Joe, cmon now man. You commenting anonymously at 7:03 is just comical. The whole point of posting anonymously is too try and disguise your identity. Ha. Dmaker really took it to you today huh? Otherwise you wouldnt be so hung up on him tonight.

    6. ^ ...The internet can read dressmaker... you were humiliated today. Everyone including Joe had a good laugh.

  2. I gulp turds from the tap (men's azzholes).

    -Turd Guy