Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bigfoot Howls Cause Dogs To Join In On The Action Caught On Audio

Bigfooter Kirk Stokes is usually known for his videos and photo, but this time he delivers some audio he recorded that could be the sounds of bigfoot howling.

These I recored two days back same location in N.Ky as the prior sounds I posted,the first you hear is a deep holler which incites the wild dogs,followed by a deeper holler,there some whoots ,and a strange growl in the middle might want to wear Headphones!!!,I'm doing a lot of sounds because I'm getting them right now.thanks to my subs and friends !! Listen and enjoy !!!


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    1. Bigfoot howls cause pack of turds to howl back in response. Scary full moon turds.

    2. 4;43 & 4;48 & 6;47

      All posts are indicative of the immaturity of many posters here on the comments section that have become major irritants for many visitors that wish to read and learn about what is taking place within the research areas of bigfooting .There has been little to commend the site of late.

      Why not just refrain from senseless posting if you have nothing to say ? Didn`t ypour parents tell you that if you have nothing pleasant to say then it is best to say nothing at all .. or perhaps you`re the way you are precisely because of your backwards mentality parents,so creating the circle of foolishness that never ends and ties you to your dead beat life.

    3. BOBO is a 1%er and he needs to pay his fair share : )

  2. Unicorn Neighs Cause Horses To Join In On The Action Caught On Audio