Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bigfoot Costume Caught On Trail Cam Photos

I'm not sure if these images were meant as a joke, or if someone was attempting a very obvious hoax, but either way these trail camera images have been making the rounds recently. Originally posted on sasquatchchronicles.com, they supposedly belong to a law enforcement officer. The majority of people in the bigfoot community recognized them instantly as obvious fakes due to the usage of one of the most common bigfoot costumes available. Check it out:

Dec 21 Interesting images captured
I came across some photos from a law enforcement officer. The camera was set in the trees in order to prevent people from entering a certain location and that’s all of the info I can give you. The officer sent me the photo’s asking me if I knew what it was because they are baffled as to what it is. This is an area that does not have bears and the image does not appear to be a man. Coincidentally it appears to be the same thing Bob Garrett and crew captured in Texas with the drone.

The costume used in the images is pictured below, with its signature receding hairline. The camera being used was shooting in night vision mode, which cause a black and white reversal of colors.


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    1. A huge pre~``= Christmas Fecal Shout out to you T.G.....

  2. just like the patterson film. hahaha

  3. You mean to say this the DRONE Pic's that Garrett was hyping for his new expeditions at $500 bucks a pop??
    Hell count me in !!

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa haaaa!!

  4. Yeah those cops were baffled as to what it could be? Even if this were say a real Bigfoot and they couldn't guess what it would of been. Sure coppers you've never heard of the legend of Bigfoot? No wonder you suck and shoot everything that moves!