Monday, November 2, 2015

What Happens When You Have A Stump And No Tree? Bigfoot.

From the youtube channel of Barbara Shupe:

Hello everybody! This week we start where we left off last week. After Sam helped me with the gifting, we took a walk up the trail to checkout some new downed trees. We have a bit of a mystery there, seems we have an extra fresh stump. :)
Then, Gabby and I make some new discoveries at the gifting area. We also have a very interesting little surprise at the end. I'm not the only one having luck with pies. :)


  1. Replies
    1. Hogzilla of Hocking Hills.... Trapper and the AIMS team onit : )

    2. jist gits tham hawgs sumbitchs

  2. true that ... we were in the back country in Oregon on a ridge line we kept noticing a cone shape stump ... as we traveled we kept seeing this odd shape stump throughout the hike ....

  3. What do you get when you have bad bigfooters?
    Everything is a bigfoot, owls, hooting, peoples footprints in a lakebed and stumps eating pies? but no hard evidence of a REAL BIGFOOT!!!!! Keep trying kids they are out there maybe you'll get lucky one day.