Monday, November 30, 2015

Watch Out! You Don't Want Any Of These Things Invading Your Body

Phil Poling and Summer Akasha deliver another episode of Unexplained Universe, this time delving into the often unseen area of body invaders. Nasty little critters that find their way into the human body and make themselves at home, often times leading to some horrific circumstances. If you have a weak stomach, you may want to keep the screen minimized. There are some absolutely disgusting images.


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    1. You blog owners have to tie these posts into bigfoot like:

      Do Bigfoot Eat Turtles?

    2. Great idea, that would give this site some real authenticity. Keep dreaming c ock knocker. This site is nothing but complete rubbish. With a couple of dopey turds that slurp it all up. Just like a runny turd or jizz. Yes I'm talking about Itkomi, Joe and Vegastheflog.

    3. 2:46, you should show your mother the reply's you post on this blog.....I'm sure she would be real proud.

    4. Nobody can hate to the extent for too long without giving themselves a stroke or something... Something tells me his life is far worse than anything he can inflict on this blog. In fact, one can gage exactly how bad things are for him the nastier he gets.