Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tim Fasano Will Be Doing His Trick Or Treating In The Woods

We bring you this message from Team Fasano:

We will be out of internet range until Sunday. We will be camping and doing night operations deep swamp.


  1. T-FATS is in the woods This weekend only means one thing. The Taco Bell franchise will loose money this weekend in the State of Florida!

  2. Fasano is the Jane Goodall of the skunk ape. He's an ambassador for the species.

    I'm glad that there is someone looking into this mystery down in Florida. There have been too many credible eyewitness accounts to dismiss this mystery as misidentification of known animals.

  3. Always the same place. Green Swamp East Tract. Free campground. Call the Water Management District and they will give you the combination to the lock.

  4. Ummmm.... is fasano turning into a negro?