Saturday, November 14, 2015

On The Bigfoot Trail Video With Robert Dodson

Rresearcher Robert Dodson gives us a first person view as he hits the backwoods trails into his bigfoot research area. This looks like some amazing area to research in, and it's always fun to keep your eyes peeled on videos like this in hopes of seeing a squatch dart away or peek around from behind a tree. The person with the camera doesn't always see everything.


  1. You think that Joe,a European,might have something to say about Paris.

    Nope still all about himself and magic apemen.

    1. Or,Iktomi,and whatever other names he/she uses.

      I just think this person might be a bit more concerned with real world events right next door to them. Instead all this person cares about is the magic monkeys. Strange.

    2. I'm sorry... But this is a blog catered for the topic of "Bigfoot", you must be confused. If it's not bad enough that you fail so remarkably at demonstrating that your ideas have a place in reality, it would be having to invent the stances of others to make up for your shortcomings.

      You dumb-dumbies always did need to invent methods of helping you keep up with people far cleverer than you, and for every claim of my own self importance, you perpetuate that idea by your actions that tell people you're far more interested in me, butthurt about me than anyone else.

    3. Well said Iktomi, for someone who is so unconvinced that an animal like a sasquatch could exist he sure does spend a ridiculous amount of time on this website. It's pretty pathetic when you get down to it. 6:17 is a perfect example of the height of human arrogance and intolerance. He makes claims of knowing without a shadow of a doubt that he knows these things do not exist. Without actually looking at all of the evidence that's been presented in this topic, which there's plenty of, and looking at it OBJECTIVELY and then drawing a conclusion as to what he believes. But nope, he'll make wild swings in the dark and hollow statements without any knowledge on the subject to back it up. Good on you Iktomi, I'm glad someone finally put this guy in check