Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ohio Bigfoot Hunter Shares Tip On How To Increase Your Chances Of An Encounter

Tim Stover is a veteran bigfoot researcher out of Ohio, and an avid outdoorsman. In this video, Stover shares a hunting tip, about why it may be a good thing to be in the woods when it's pouring down rain.


  1. Probably the best encounter I have heard. 100% proves the existence of Bigfoot and makes all the skeptards shake in there boots. I just wish I could take this bearded man in my mouth and swallow his manonaise.


    1. Dude, you're a sick puppy. I recommend that you see a psychiatrist as soon as possible. You're sick, not funny.

  2. Replies
    1. You sure do not hear about many, in fact darn few encounters in the rain, maybe folks are not out in it, and maybe the forest giants hole up to stay dry. This video was from 10-28, man we got pounded with rain that day 3.25 inches around Dayton, which pretty much ended a drought going on since first week of August.

    2. Maybe this will help. Interview from two weeks ago with Trent Nielsen from the show Naked and Afraid. Took place in Belize jungles. His female partner had to leave after three days so he was alone. Rained a lot and every night that is stopped raining a creature would come walking up to his shelter knocking down trees and making quite the racket. It would stalk his shelter and after Trent made enough noise it would go away. It had bipedal steps. The crew put cameras out ( crew stayed five miles away ) but it avoided them and no tracks were found even though crew looked extensively for them. Trent who knew about bigfoots since they were all about in his neighborhood out in the sticks of Ogden Utah as a youth and all his neighbors and himself had encounters, asked them to find his tracks also and they could not. Anyway the point is the creature only came out after it stopped raining.