Friday, November 13, 2015

Kentucky Man Takes Two Pictures Of Bigfoot With Cell Phone

A man in Kentucky says he saw a bigfoot, and has a photo to prove it. Not just one photo, but two. The photographs were taken with the witnesses cell phone, and show a possible bigfoot creature as it moves away into the woods. The Crypto Crew, led by Thomas Marcum, has been investigating the case, and believes the witness to be very credible.

“The pictures were taken from a long distance,” said Marcum. “The witness said the figure was moving to the right.”

The researcher added that he and his team immediately conducted an investigation and that “evidence was quickly found”.

“It was in the form of tree breaks. The area has a very recent history of Bigfoot sightings, so we have reason to believe that the creature might still be in the area.”

The photographer did not provide a physical description of the purported creature and did not specify the duration of the sighting.

Marcum, who claims over 20 years of experience researching the paranormal, also released an audio file containing the sounds of what he believes could be the same animal.

Photo via The Crypto Crew

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    1. OK bill we get it, you think you're great


  2. Well, I guess that photo settles it: take that skeptics!

  3. That shape sure looks identical to Patty walking across the creek.....

  4. What I see is a bad photo with a blurry image of something that could very well be a tree stump or a hunter.

    Why are all the photos and videos purporting to be of "Bigfoot" so bad?

    You would expect that with all the high technology that people have today, they could get better photos and videos. But all we get is the usual garbage which turns out to be either faked or something other than what the photographers say they are.

    Just putting in a bit of common sense here instead of the partisan racket.

  5. "Bigfoot is blurry." - Mitch Hedberg