Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dr. Meldrum Is Not The Only One Criticizing History Channel's Bigfoot Captured

Mermaids, Megalodon, and now Bigfoot joins the fray of the latest in "docu-tainment" television. A last ditch effort that educational channels such as the History and Discovery channels have taken to cash in on ratings by sacrificing facts and education. After the premiere of their latest effort Bigfoot Captured, the show was met with lots and lots of... criticism. In fact Dr. Jeff Meldrum who was featured in the show actually denounced his involvement claiming he had no idea it was going to turn out like that. Whether you believe him or not, Dr. Meldrum was clearly not the only disappointed viewer.

These shows, examples of so-called “docu-tainment” that have become commonplace (and huge ratings successes) on networks that have educational aims in their mission statements, are indicative of everything that is wrong in 21st century media. The fact that you have networks such as History Channel, Discovery and Animal Planet willfully and consciously planting falsehoods into the minds of their audience is absolutely shameful. There’s no other word for it. The people involved should be ashamed of themselves, because they are causing very real, literal harm. They’re actively performing the polemic opposite of their network’s stated function. I see no difference between this and learning that a grade school teacher is teaching your kid that we live in a Geocentric universe.

Your response to this outrage is probably to say “Oh come on, Jim, it’s entertainment. People know the sasquatch documentary they’re watching on History Channel is just entertainment. What’s the harm?”

The problem is that no, not everyone knows it’s entertainment. And if you’re intelligent enough to know that, then you should also realize that it’s the impressionable people watching who most need a source they can actually trust in order to provide real information. These people don’t need entertainment. They need a network that’s actually serving their best interest—and for the record, their best interest is “Not having pseudoscientific beliefs that they’ll pass on to anyone in earshot.”

Still don’t believe that anyone takes a program like Bigfoot Captured seriously? Okay, let me just go check Twitter for 30 seconds, hold on…

Idk if thats a legit #bigfoot or not, but if it is…Holy shit!!! #BigfootCaptured
— Ron Nopwasky (@ronnopwasky03) November 10, 2015

So im watching this show where they actually caught a bigfoot but like i still cant decide if this is real or not
— TheMotorCityMadMan (@TGiovannazzo) November 10, 2015

So apparently Bigfoot has been captured. Is this real? @HistoryChannelX
— Kaitlyn (@kaitlyn_beck) November 10, 2015

If you don't think Bigfoot is real, you're an idiot
— Caleb Davis (@caleb_davis21) November 10, 2015

I have no doubt in my mind that Bigfoot is real
— Jack Kelly (@_juicyjack) November 10, 2015

#BigfootCaptured puts an end to all doubt! Bigfoot is REAL. A species of gigantopithecus.
— Chad (@ChadJones_) November 10, 2015

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  2. Of course it wasn't real . Bigfoot is real but the show was just a "what if" docu/entertainment piece . it was interesting but it wasn't a real bigfoot they captured although the costume and makeup was really well done. one day a bigfoot will be captured . A chimp is many times more powerful than a man for it's size so a bigfoot will no doubt be even many many times stronger so i hope they have a really sturdy cage


  3. Do you have bigfoot in a can?

    You better let him out before he suffocates.

  4. The show was great. Especially when the actual specimen was captured w/o harm. Can't wait to read the full medical and scientific reports from this unbelievable discovery!

    1. True. The creatures eyes truly displayed a higher intelligence. I bet they have their own language!!

    2. are you serious?it was fake like the mermaid show.dramatised piece of crap it was not a documentary

  5. It was a nice 2 hr TV show, anyone thinks its real they need some reality check or the producers really did a good job. LOL Move on grow up...

  6. For the definitive truth about whether Bigfoot is real or not, we need only refer to what the U.S. Government's most talented disinformation agent stated late one night on, and then he erased it since he is also a secret administrator of that spook infested website. Karl Rose stated, "Of course Bigfoot are real. There are just too many sightings for them not to be real".

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