Tuesday, November 24, 2015

19th Century Vermont Stagecoach Attacked By Bigfoot

The tale of the Bennington Monster:

The Fortean Slip Bedtime Stories 46 In the early 19th century, a stagecoach full of passengers was traveling by Glastenbury Mountain near Bennington, Vermont. This is their story.


  1. https://www.ucl.ac.uk/mace-lab/debunking/stories

    1. HA - seems to me that lktomi's professionals aren't quite as thorough as he would have us believe.

    2. Not one shred of a challenge to Sykes' book, The Nature of The Beast. Sykes studies human genetics and hybrid bears are nothing new, whilst the Cheddar Man requiring modern testing due to be developmemt of genetics... Is damning just how exactly?

      Danny, stop putting it off, just go straight to the source. If not, here's a review;

    3. When paranormal people and other beings die, they do not likely leave bones because the "at rest dimension" that they exist in, is not man's dimension. In the absence of the electrical stimuli that causes the string vibration, and thus determines the dimension, those bones go to a dimension other than man's. The remaining bodies is merely a bloody pulp that has no form. We know this from the examination of the Bigfoot that have been kill by trains. There was no bones in the remains, as told by Union Pacific old timers. The government picks up those remains.

    4. There's nothing to challenge with his book. You expect scientific refutation of propaganda in which no legitimate scientific has been conveyed.

      Grow up and get a life.