Thursday, October 29, 2015

This Man Is Willing To Take A Polygraph About His Alien Videos

A family of three have posted some strange videos on the Internet, of what they claim to be alien visitors. They are adamant about their videos being the real deal, and the man has even stated that he and his wife would be willing to take polygraph tests to prove they are telling the truth.

Ward Weinheimer on Wednesday told Cryptozoology News that the videos are not a hoax and that he and his two family members, mother and daughter, are willing to take a polygraph test.

“I’ll do whatever to prove that my story and videos are real and true,” he said.

The footage, consisting of six files, show what appear to be different types of beings he refers to as an “alien creatures” and “shadow beings”.

One of the videos shows a humanoid-like “robot” kneeling at the foot of a bed.

Weinheimer says he used his cell phone to record the blurry videos back in 2009, although, he adds, for some reason the device changed the original date.

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