Friday, October 16, 2015

This Is The Jersey Devil Video Everyone Is Talking About

When it comes to cryptids, bigfoot is normally the one that gets caught on video. Of course those videos are usually pretty shaky. This time however, a different famous cryptid got the spotlight; the New Jersey Devil, more commonly known as the Jersey Devil. Maybe because it's close to Halloween, maybe because it's something other than bigfoot, for whatever reason this video has gone viral. Phil Poling of Parabreakdown takes a look at the viral Jersey Devil footage and offers his own commentary.


  1. Legs and arms are fixed relative to the body, making it likely a rigid but large figurine, possibly made from a 3D printer, with battery operated wings attached.

  2. We need a breakdown to determine my little poney with wings is a fake?? I honestly thought it could not get worse than that lake monster hoax the other day but it just did.

  3. LOL. Too funny.

    Are their actually people who fell for this?

    1. What do you mean? This is real.