Saturday, October 31, 2015

This Bigfoot Movie Is Going To Be Epic!

Recently I was contacted by a guy named Matt Sommerfield. Matt is a film maker, and he wanted to let me know about a project he was working on. See, him and his friend came up with this concept, a bigfoot movie. But this bigfoot movie is different than anything you've seen before. It isn't a horror movie, it isn't a bunch of barely clothed women, running around in the woods screaming. In fact, in this movie bigfoot is kind of the hero. But it isn't like those bigfoot "roamantic" movies either, where the creature is just a gentle giant that's misunderstood. This movie is more like an epic. Try to imagine a bigfoot movie, more along the same lines as the Marvel and DC movie franchises, like The Avengers. I really can't go into anymore detail than that, but Matt already has enlisted the help of some AMAZING talent to work on this film. Big name actors, and amazing artists with different skill sets. The thing is, Matt wants to make this movie, and keep it true to his original vision. In other words, keep it out of the hands of Hollywood producers that would just butcher it into something unrecognizable.

That's where you come in.

Matt has launched the official Bigfoot the movie Kickstarter campaign. I know, I know, asking for money. I get it. But to show how much I think this movie is going to be amazing, I already made a contribution personally. This is the first Kickstarter campaign I have EVER backed. There's a ton, and I mean a ton of different rewards and incentives that Matt is giving out. I'm sure everyone reading this can spare at least $1 to make this thing happen. If you are part of the Bigfoot Evidence audience, then this is a movie you would enjoy.

So check out the Kickstarter page where you'll find enormous amounts of information about the project, make a contribution, and be a part of something awesome.

Below is what's called a pitch trailer. It's just a little taste of what's to come. Consider it a live-action sketch, solely for the purposes of capturing the idea or mood of the film as well as aid in the creative process.


  1. CBS News was reporting that this movie is an action film based on the Finding Bigfoot television show. That guy in the clip is portraying Moneyemaker. Louie Anderson has already been signed to play Bobo, and Kate Upton will portray Ranae. They are in talks with Vin Diesel to play the role of Cliff.

    1. Vin Diesel dropped out. Cliff will be played by Pauly Shore,

  2. Another Bigfoot movie - that would make what . . . two hundred and thirty one? Mmmm . . . barely clothed women - at least it has that going for it.

  3. very realisitic

    I especially enjoyed the guy using ninja like stealth to track bigfoot! yet he was smoking a cigar[in a tough clint eastwood way]

    I'm sure i'll regret it but i'll pass on this opportunity