The Genoskwa Is Not A Friendly Giant

The Genoskwa appears to be a typical bigfoot for the most part except for a couple of things. Their skin is said to be hard like rock, creating an almost suit of armor, and they are not friendly. The Genoskwa are the predators of the bigfoot world that kill their victims by twisting their heads until their neck snaps. Pretty, huh?


  1. Replies
    1. BILL BROCK could hunt 1 of them Genoskwa critters down he can get the JOB DONE

  2. NO000ooo them Skookum be 3 toed and eat you for sure

  3. Black Ops for sure - hybrids for a super soilder

  4. Two gold fish in a tank and the first one says "do you know how to drive this thing?" xx

  5. Eva - your going to give Mike Brookreson (comedy genius) a run for his money with that kind of humor.

  6. mooslims folks lookin fer tham virgins shure is

  7. Ohhhhhh!!!!!!!! Myyyyyyy!!!!!!! Joerggggg!!!!!!!

    Don't worry, the comedy genius Mike B now posts on here as "joe". Pretty sick that he imitates Joe, and the real Joe doesn't care. What a gay sense of humor


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