Monday, October 12, 2015

Someone Just Wrote a Beautiful Song For Bobo

This song by John Leon is surprisingly pretty good. For those who haven't been following the TV show, it has been renewed for more episodes so it's not going anywhere! Listen to this Bobo song:

Me and Bobo were watchin' for Squatches
Then in front of both him and me
A Squatch walked by , couldn't believe our eyes
Then he vanished in the forest with the trees


Oh , Squatch , Squatch , where did you go ?
In to the forest so deep
If you'll show your face , in this forest place
We'll make you a star on TV !

We walked in the woods behind him
But we didn't see Sasquatch again
If only we could have found him
We'd let him know we want to be friends


Bobo said "it smells kinda Squatchy"
That bigfoot must be here close
We looked up and down , we looked all around
Bigfoot hunting is like chasing a ghost


The end


  1. Ohhhhhh.........My......Joerg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ohhhhhh...........Myyyyyyyy..........Joerggggggg!!!!!!!

    Joe, lets find new uses for vacuum hoses. It will be amazing!!

    Corey Hawk Spoke

    1. What's amazing is how you suck Joe's ass Fresh! and clean everyday! vacuum or not.

      Good Job!

    2. when we you vultures stop being so obsessed with me. i know you can't live your measly lives one day without thinking about me but c'mon lads, you really need to get outside more and put down the video game controllers


  3. Beautiful song??? Well, perhaps to the ears of some. It might however, do well in Branson, Missouri where all that old twangy crap ends up.

  4. My god, please have mercy...I read those lyrics. I beseech thee, have pity on this wretched soul! I did not realize that I had wasted the precious gift of time you have allowed me on earth, until I reached the end!