Sunday, October 11, 2015

Researcher Finds New Possible Bigfoot Structures In His Area

Youtuber Frosted Forest posted this video of some new structures he discovered in his research area. Some of these structures seem very intricate to have happened just by natural causes, but are they created by bigfoot? Interestingly enough, Frosted Forest claimed in his comments that he saw a bigfoot while he was out there.

FrostedForest 11 hours ago
REPORT: I don't know what happened to the audio on the recording. I was not alone out there yesterday when I recorded this video. I saw one of the squatches for a second at the bottom of the hill and waved at him and identified myself as I typically do. I had made sure the mic volume was all the way up prior to recording. I haven't had much interference with my camera lately but it is possible that they might have altered the audio.