Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Is Deer Behavior Influenced By Bigfoot?

Dorraine Fisher of the Crypto Crew takes a look at deer traits and behavior, and discusses the possibility that these behaviors are influenced by bigfoot, a hypothesized predator of deer in North America. Hey, a bigfoots got to eat, right?

Ever since Janice Carter told National Geographic that Bigfoot hunted deer on her property in Tennessee, it has slowly become an accepted theory that deer are one of a sasquatch’s main food sources. This, backed up by the observation that most bigfoot sightings happen in areas most densely populated with deer or other similar animals, and that deer are a large primate’s main hope for enough food to sustain it in these areas. So are deer traits and behaviors influenced by those that prey on them? Like maybe sasquatches? And why should we care?

My grandfather told me years ago that if I wanted to study a predator (in this case, Sasquatches) I should study their food, which here, we theorize is deer. Follow their food, and that predator will be somewhere around close too. And both creatures’ existence intertwines.

I’ve found that to sometimes solve a problem or make any breakthroughs, I have to stop and look at the whole thing from a different perspective. And I have a very high deer population in my area that’s very accessible and very close to an area where there has been believed to be sasquatch activity in recent years. And I wanted to go out and get some pictures of them anyway; hopefully some really good ones. And to get good wildlife shots, you have to think and act like a hunter. So it was a good opportunity to get in some practice getting closer to them and do some unofficial experiments. That is, after I read up on the known facts about them. And I wanted to know if I could find anything new about them…from the perspective of a person who believes bigfoot could be roaming the same forest areas.

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