Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Here's Your Chance To Win An Awesome 2016 Ohio Bigfoot Conference Package!

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Ohio Bigfoot Conference
How would you like to win two VIP tickets, two t-shirts and (3) nights lodging at Salt Fork State Park Lodge & Conference Center to the world famous Ohio Bigfoot Conference May 14th, 2016?
There's a very special fundraiser you should all be aware of and make a contribution to.

My good friend and videographer Craig Flipy of Portland, Oregon is making a personal documentary called Crappy Little Dreams. This documentary is a movie that follows Craig on two epic moped trips ten years apart. In 2005 he filmed his moped trip from Southern California to the Olympic Peninsula in search of Bigfoot. Ten years later he got on the moped again to relive the original journey and ask the question; Why does Craig keep chasing such crappy dreams? You can learn more and make your contribution here at..


This documentary is being co produced by our great friends Cliff Barackman and James "Bobo" Fay - Finding Bigfoot. The finished product will be featured during the 2016 movie festival season. They need our support to make their project come to fruition.

I will make it worth your while for anyone who contributes any combination of $50 or more towards Craig's project.

There will be two prizes awarded for anyone contributing of $50 or more to this documentary.

Grand Prize will be two VIP tickets in the front center section to the Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2016 and two Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2016 t-shirts in the size of your choice and three nights lodging at the Salt Fork State Park Lodge and Conference center courtesy of the Ohio Bigfoot Conference. Close to a $500 value...

Runner Up Prize will receive two VIP tickets and two Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2016 t-shirts .

It's easy to enter this contest. Simply make any form of pledge to Crappy Little Dreams of $50 or more and for and you'll be entered into the drawing. Please e-mail me at madbigfoot@aol.com a copy of your contribution to receive your entries. The winners will be announced on December 1st, 2015 via e-mail and the Ohio Bigfoot Conference Facebook page. The amount of entries you'll receive will be as followed-

$50= 1 entry
$100= 3 entries
$200= 8 entries
$500= 25 entries
Your support of Craig, Cliff and Bobo's and the entire Crappy Little Dreams project would be greatly appreciated... Take care!


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