Saturday, October 24, 2015

Great Interview With America Unearthed Host Scott Wolter On Darkness Radio

Scott Wolter is a real-life Indiana Jones. He hosts a show called America Unearthed where he investigates hidden treasures and the mysteries that surround them. He was recently a guest on Darkness Radio, speaking about life as a forensic geologist. Also bigfoot!


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    1. ? posed will BILL BROCK join Scott in his quest!

  2. I get a kick out of the ISF footers rejoicing over their latest victory. The only thing their hero Alaskabushpilot "proved' with his latest round of photos is that he's a pathological liar with rotten teeth who lives in a homemade shack.

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      HelloKitty diary entry 8:47...

    2. What's up with that poster over there named "Drewbot" who goes nuts anytime anybody even remotely questions bushpilot's lies ? Is that his wife ?

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      I'm sorry you never really had a chance and your feelings were hurt.