Dr. Matthew Johnson's Team Just Had an Encounter

I don't know folks. Many people doubt there's anything going on at Dr. Johnson's SOHA location, but these two are witnesses to his claims. According to Dr. J, "Mike Kincaid, and Jamie Coe check on the Gifting Bowls at the Southern Oregon Habituation Area (SOHA). While filming, they hear two separate tree knocks that get their attention." While the men didn't actually see anything real clear, they did notice something zipping by.


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    1. so we knew a guy that said his friend said that he knew someone that said he heard tree knocks deep in da bush.
      DOSE anyone need more proof that Bigfoots are real

  2. If this kind of stuff came from anyone else it would be laughed away but because it comes from Johnson people let it slide and even praise this guy.

  3. Johnson has a team?

    This guy cries and blubbers when talking about his bigfoot encounter.

    This guy talked about having a mind connection with the bigfoot during his sighting.

    I'm detecting a loose screw.

  4. Picture caption:

    "That biscuit was that big around !!"

  5. The main thing you need to know about Dr. J is that he is mainly holding his Johnson

  6. Did Johnson cry again after he found another dog turd?

  7. I watched this video and the only thing that came to mind was sad and pathetic.

  8. These people are just nuttier than squirrel shit. Seriously.

  9. i would not take a bet on that. Merchant and Matthew Johnson are so disrespectful to others. They both believe but only to what they want to believe. I still remember very well how they insulted Mike Paterson. And only that he spoke first of paranormal activity. Now the two want to sell us these events as their discoveries as the only truth. Gosh

  10. Johnson has claimed to discover alien creatures in addition to Bigfoots from another planet which makes this two different alien species he has discovered in addition to claiming having made first contact. He also is claiming to have discovered intergalactic portals. If this was true it would literally be the biggest discovery in human history...period. Like Nobel Prize kind of discovery.
    All that or he could be lying. What do you all think?


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