Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Navajo Boy Has Incredible Bigfoot Sighting

We just love it when J.C. Johnson posts a new video. It's been a while, and this one takes us in the Navajo Reservation where a boy witnessed something he'll never forget.


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  3. This seems a very unlikely place for a Bigfoot to exist or passing through. First of all the lack of cover would make a black or dark shape stand out and be seen more readily. Second wouldn't something that big have lots of food needs to subsist? A few berries and some small animals don't seem like much and would require much energy just to get them. According to the folks reporting this it supposedly sits around all day and watches them so when does it have time to hunt? If at night then when does it sleep? There is a lot of problems with this scenario and I have to say I am pretty skeptical of what they think they are seeing.

    1. I would have to agree... But there are reports from Utah, Colorado and Arizona.

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