Saturday, July 4, 2015

New Sighting Report From Arkansas

Campers at Lake Dead near Cass, Arkansas tell reseachers about recent bigfoot encounters they's had, including rock throwing.


  1. Not even close to real. If bigfoot was so intelligent and can sense electronic fields, like so many bigfooters reckon. Then why the f uck don't they notice a car coming down the road, with headlights on and then just stand there still on the side of the road or run across right in front of the car. If you go out looking for bigfoot all the time and have so many encounters in the one area, how f cling dumb are you not to set up the appropriate cameras to get the thing on tape or thermal. You would become the biggest news story in the world and be rich as f uck if you did. I'm pretty sure if you truly believed in bigfoot you would spend the cash and get the proper equipment to do so.

    1. Exellent obeservation MR. Chewyballs, and no sane homo ss could disagree.
      I KNOW,I KNOW,what I Am going to suggest ,in the "Reading dept",
      Will most likley be scoffed at,,
      However I cannot help myself!!!!
      #1, The secret life of plants!
      #2. Seth Speaks!
      #3. Tales of power (carlos castaneda)
      You are ALL IDIOTS!!


    2. Annnnnnnnnnd what planet did ya say or are you from pal..........

    3. The planet is called Nibiru, or as some call it, planet X. You will see it in late December 2015 appearing as a blue star in the night sky. Only this "star" will grow larger in size as it approaches closer and closer to Earth..........soon after the giants will return to Earth. Keep watch on the December sky and you will see the truth before your eye.

    4. lay of the lsd ma'am....and please see your shrink asap

    5. The only time I saw a shrink I gave HIM advice. Besides I'm a nice bunch of guys, once you get to know all of them.

    6. Planet X, or Nibiru, is real. An amateur astronomer picked up a large planet like object in late 2014 that is moving towards the orbit of Earth. NASA has since begun tracking this object that is 7 times the size of Earth. So stay tuned.............