Classic Breakdown - Two Videos Of A Long Island Bigfoot

Did the same person manage to record two bigfoot in the same area one day after the other? It is possible we guess. As possible as being struck by lightning twice in your life. Wait, that's actually happened...


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    1. 285 backers $32,471

      Go Dave..................28 days left

      Didn't Shawn and Roe try something like this? Oh let's not forget Mr Rictor who has xxxx subscribers but averages 500 views per video. Man that must hurt my little Squach Monsters......

      Pay back is a b*tch

    2. Dr.B Sykes totally destroyed joeiktomi!!
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!

    3. Did you read the same thing as everyone else?

      Stop cheerleading yourself, you sound extra unhinged than usual.

    4. talking to yourself in the mirrior again?

    5. I just checked out what 1:09 cut&pasted
      And yes sykes DFed this PISS POOR EXCUSE of a debater!
      gotta love it!!

    6. 1:38... Are you on mediation for paranoia, or been on the desktop too long?

      1:46... I think you'd better run back and take a look, there is a requirement for you to counter an argument just posted! Sorry about your premature ejaculation!

    7. @ 2:14 ,Premature ejaculation ??
      YOU WISH!! , I bet yur so Butt ugly, dudes cant even get a HARD ON!!
      Ha ha ha ha ha!

    8. Haven't you got a comment to respond to back there???

    9. Medication in fact... For 2:27's meltdown.

    10. @4:01....Meltdown ? Why because you can't debate?

      Dr Sykes 3,...Iktomi 0,!! ,,ha ha ha too easy !

    11. Sweetheart, I'm not the one needing a counter argument, I'm not the one cheerleading myself on like no one is going to notice.


    12. @4:38 THATS because you can't debate!! If someone gives you a counter argument ,you flip flop and backpeddel like a nun that lost her DILDO!!!
      Yup ,,,yu got schooled ,AS ALWAYS!!
      In only a few sentences!! ,,(too easy).

    13. ^ didn't know humans are primates, or that the character he's portraying has theorised that a subspecies of homo sapiens left West Africa 100,000 years ago, smashing apart his own argument... Ironically.

      Apparently I'm the poor debater.


      Oh... And waiting on a response. Your "few sentences" never seem to address the points posed, "top debater".


    14. your points are Pointless!

      Schooled in 4words "OUCH"!

    15. yes piss poor debater. too easy


  2. better watch out eva sting may want royalties......

    1. Oooops maybe he'll send the Police round but that's ok i quite like their music xx

  3. Quiet saturday on BE.


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