The Memory Of The Minerva Monster Still Lives On

Strip Pit Where Creature Was First Spotted - Akron Beacon

An upcoming documentary by Seth Breedlove tells the story of the Minerva Monster. One of the most famous and publicized bigfoot cases ever. Taking place in 1978, the creature was seen by numerous individuals and groups of people over the course of several weeks.

There were about a dozen reports from seven witnesses who said they saw the creature over several weeks.

The sightings were front-page news, and hundreds of Bigfoot hunters descended on sleepy Minerva.

The creature sat on its haunches on the roof of an old chicken coop in one sighting.

One witness drove a car with its headlights on closer to the creature to get a better view. When the beast ran toward the car, the occupants ran back into the Cayton house where the creature later looked through the window at the occupants of the house. A gun was pointed at the creature; it didn’t flinch or move.

There was a report that the creature might not have been alone.

The bigger one may have been accompanied by a smaller one.

Witnesses said the creature smelled like stagnant water or ammonia-sulfur.

Others saw it on a bank. Rocks were thrown at nearby homes at night.

Footprints ranging from 14 inches to 21 inches were later found.

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  1. 21" footprints is a big boy. That's likely in the 10 foot range.

    1. Indeed 21 is a big boy a very big boy. This is towards the northern edge of an extremely hot forest giant area of Ohio and has been since the settlers diary's of our dear departed Joe was famous for, and of course know by the native's for century's before this.

    2. just out of curiosity, what is the biggest Snipe footprint ever recorded?

    3. Just out of curiosity... Should't you be in school?

  2. Since "I" never saw a Bigfoot, then they do not exist.

    A Skep;tic's logic

    1. The only thing that doesn't exist is a coherent thought in your head. A skeptics logic would be since the vast majority of the population has not seen a Bigfoot and the Scientific community as a whole has not accepted Bigfoot evidence then they more than likely don't exist. Ive never said they do not exist. Ive only said highly unlikely. Since there are likely thousands of them and they are 8+ feet tall and weigh several hundred pounds I suggest you and all your fellow believers get off your lazy blogging asses and go find one. Hell of a lot easier then trying to find one nonliving monkey suit that doesnt have to move around and eat, communicate, reproduce, and more than likely is destroyed. On second thought its probably not a good idea, because stupid people in the forest usually leads to fatalities. In this situation that might not really be a bad thing though. Still better stick to blogging.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. No... A sceptic's logic would in fact be to not adhere to anything of the sort, refrain from judgement and keep asking the questions passed any preconceived idea that a negative proof fallacy is correct. The very, very, very simple countering logic here, would be that the subject is as rare enough to reflect it's frequency of sightings across a vast majority of people and scientists. So while it is natural for someone pessimistic to think this way, there is in fact nothing in scientific theory or practice that supports your notion to be accurate or just.

      What has happened, is that not so lazy "believing bloggers" have managed to accumulate plenty of sign of "8+ feet tall and weigh several hundred pounds" primates, to which "convinced believing bloggers" then address in a cyber environment catered for it. And no... Looking into a 100 years worth of highly documented, celebrated & studied fur cloth techniques in order to test a source presented by a long line of scientists to be organic (science needs to be tested, not suppressed because you cannot support your stance), is in fact far easier than finding a type specimen of something that should it exist (and it does), is going to be the most elusive creature on the planet.

    4. And of course... "I never saw a Bigfoot, then they do not exist."

      Great logic...


  3. I myself have never seen a troll, but I do know they exist here on this site. They have no imagination as evidenced by the "Anonymous" moniker they use. And I personally am of the opinion that they are all
    just too darn lazy to click and find another site to
    harrass. Their logic skills need work..oh wait..thats where the lazy comes in..along with the rudeness factor.

    1. Abohli, you don't post often enough, but when you do it's always spot on.

    2. Abohli, As I think I may have commented before, it seems to be just one troll posting like he is different people. He gets pleasure from disturbing people, very sick.


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