Does This Video Show A Tasmanian Tiger, Or Is It Something Never Seen Before?

Steve Alcorn of takes a look at an interesting piece of video captured by a game camera in Australia. Did they capture footage of the thought to be extinct Thylacine? Check it out:


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  2. It would be cool if it was a Tasmanian tiger, but I'm not seeing any stripes.

    1. That looks like a thermal image. Thermal records heat and you likely wouldn't see stripes. Holding that thin tail straight out behind it looks like a thylacine. But I'm not so sure he neck and head take on the right shape.

      There have actually been a number of sightings, especially on the sparsely populated southern end of the island, and I think there is a good chance there could be a small population whose ancestors survived the bounty to kill them off in the early 20th century by being elusive and shy. They are active nocturnally which can make them harder to see.

    2. It's night vision not thermal, the tell tale sign is the eye shine.

    3. Definitely not thermal.

      Is there a game cam that actually uses FLIR technology?

  3. It seems to be longer than it is tall, like a Thylacine. Not like a fox which is more box shaped.

    No stripes though.

  4. Not sure what it is, but not a Thylacine. Wrong body shape, wrong head shape, not stripes. We studied this animal in College, all the old films also show a distinct locomotion and a very arched back when running, like a cheetah. Tri-county

  5. its a a rodent

    there's no scale

  6. Possums head is much lower than this animals. The last few frames show that the head is lifting higher than the back. It could be a rodent. Australia has a large number of ground dwelling rodents and marsupials.


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