Bigfoot-Like Beings Spotted Climbing Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico

The Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico isn't usually known for its Bigfoot sightings. There's been plenty of "paranormal" stuff there such as unidentified objects floating around the volcano, but no giant beings  -- until now. One of the most hair-raising story to come from that area is a footage of what a mountain rescue crew claims to be giant beings. The rescuers explained how they'd witnessed the creatures climbing up slopes at super-human speeds. The subjects in the footage appear to be brown in color, and very thin. According to the witnesses, they were not wearing any visible clothing:

Once, we saw one of these individuals climb up the glacier in 10 minutes, a stretch that we linger about 3-4 hours to go. They have an amazing agility.

Among other things they've witnessed were giant footprints:

His footprints are very large, the part corresponding to heel leaves a hole, something that resembles a claw which apparently serves them – like a propulsive support – in these dislocations impressive through the snow and ice.

In a recent interview on Tercermilenio television, climber Guillermo Vidales, said that mountain rescue crews on Popocatepetl saw humanoid creatures measuring about 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) in height.



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    1. If you want to claim to first, it's primero, not uno.

    2. Hi Joe!

      9:27 - Its what ever I want it to be.


    3. D-Bag. Learn proper Spanish.

    4. Neither one of you make any sense, obviously not educated enough to understand another language nor know the definition of a hyphenated term. Would it have been more accessible to your pee brains if I had posted, Oi Fuckwit! or Yo My Nigga or Howdy Skeeter! Give me a break, this site is for uneducated racists apparently, no big surprise in this day and age. Peace out.

  2. Es el watcho BigPata de Mexico. Secure the borders from this eventual illegal bigfoot migration!!

  3. Kind of looks like the Arizona Highway department.... Thanks I will be here all week.
    But man the silver haired dude is ALWAYS pushing UFOs If you go back and look at his history its mylar balloons flying all over Mexico City. I can take the idea of creatures on the mountain but leave the UFOs out of it till get some DNA from Bigfoto, THEN we can talk about how they got here.

  4. I must say this is one wild story and coming from some credible people and the national news organization is reporting it in a responsible way, something that has not happened in this country since the 1960s and a bit of the 70s.

    1. Sorry but the credible part went out the window with the 5 meter tall ( that's effing tall) and the spikes on the back of the legs. Which would be of no help climbing a mountain. Sliding down one on your ass maybe but not climbing.

    2. That's 2.5 meters tall if you would pay closer attention. But honestly, I have to agree. Spikes on the heels? If anything,they would slow a person/sasquatch/grey/cousin Eddie down.

    3. Watch it again. According to the text they claim to have seen a 5 meter tall figure on the mountain. 1:22 on the video. And it's 5.5 meters. My mistake there. Again. That's effing tall. 18' maybe? I skipped metrics.

    4. Remember that UFO stories are the mainstream in Mexico and Brazil. Virtually all of these are elaborate hoaxes.


    5. ^ MMG, you are so way off the mark! Of course UFOS are real, silly! Thought you were much smarter than that!

  5. They really exists, and nowadays there are reports that they live in the forests of Morelos, Puebla, Guerrero, and even One was seen in Jala, Nayarit


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