Friday, January 31, 2014

Top 5 Incredible Photos From Mulder's World [1/31/2014]

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Here are some fascinating photographs from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Check Out Bigfoot Bounty's Greene Giants

Dave and Dan Greene, aka "The Greene Giants", are one of the teams trying to win the $10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty on Spike TV. Check out this cool video they made to promote themselves:

Watch this: Man Blacks Out During Slingshot, Girlfriend Laughs

Watch as the guy passes out on the sling shot and handles it like a boss.

Watch: Dr. Todd and Natalia Talk Bigfoot Camera Traps

In the latest installment of "Talking S#!T with Dr. Todd and Natalia: It's a Trap!" they discuss the usage of camera traps in the field. We love these videos, and this is one you don't want to miss.

Watch: Sasquatch Summit 2011

Bigfoot enthusiast Todd Hale put together this cool video slide show of his trip to the 2011 Sasquatch Summit in British Columbia. Check out his video below:

Win a Bigfoot Suit!

Now's your chance to own a professionally made life-size bigfoot suit. Dress up for Halloween, scare your friends, be the life of the party! Just please don't use the costume for hoaxing. But this isn't just any old bigfoot costume. This is the actual suit used in the movie Bigfoot Wars starring C. Thomas Howell!

Listen: Bigfoot Stories

Rusty Wilson has compiled some of the best bigfoot stories around, and they have been compiled onto an audio book available through itunes. Check out Rusty Wilson's Bigfoot Campfire Stories.

Watch What Tim Tebow Does When He Sees Bigfoot

NFL quarterback Tim Tebow tackles the question of what he can do with no contract. In this superbowl ad Tebow captures a rare glimpse of the elusive bigfoot. But he doesn't stop there:

Is This a Baby Bigfoot or Something Else?

In 2009 FB/FB confirmed this as a baby Bigfoot. After seeing this breakdown, Phil believes it's something other than the legendary woodape.

This Guy Wants To Know: How Did You Find Bigfoot?

Irixguy would like to know, how did you find bigfoot? Was it on a boat? Was it in a moat? Was it with a goat? If you've found one, let this guy know how you did it.

Ketchum's Quote of The Day

Here's our favorite quote of the day from Ketchum's Facebook page:

Siri, Have You Seen Bigfoot?

Art by Wes Losner
Bigfoot enthusiast and artist Wes Losner asked Siri if she had seen bigfoot:

Family Visits The Provo Canyon Bigfoot Sighting Location

Two years ago, the Provo Canyon Bigfoot video caught the attention of the world when campers in Utah caught footage of what some say is the elusive Bigfoot. Last summer, the Wasatch Family Squatchers attempted to locate the site of the infamous encounter. The family claimed to have found the campsite and the possible location of the film.

Duck Dynasty Bigfoot Story

Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty has been hunting all his life. He's heard just about every animal sound you can ever imagine. To this day, one sound from the woods has terrified him for ages. Phil talked about his supernatural encounter in a Fox News article:

Traps from Bigfoot Bounty are made fun of on The Soup from Joel McHale

The field challenge disaster on Bigfoot Bounty is made fun of on The Soup from Joel McHale. No one caught anything. Did Dean Cain give the cast faulty Bigfoot traps like that? Find out! The Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty airs Fridays 10/9c and 11/10c on Spike TV.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Top 5 Incredible Photos From Mulder's World [1/30/2014]

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Here are some fascinating photographs from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Favorite Cryptids: The Shunka Warak'in

I'm not prejudiced when it comes to cryptids, and this one is a favorite of mine. The Shunka Warak'in. According to crypto-expert Loren Coleman, the name translates to "carries off dogs". This wolf-like beast is something you might run into while searching for bigfoot, but not something you would want to. Check out the rest of the article below:

Watch me down a 2 liter Diet Coke without burping

Just kidding. That's not me, but he sure looks like me though! Watch this pro-eater from San Jose down a two liter Diet Coke without burping, then proceeds to have an epic burp!

Squatchdetective Radio To Discuss Rick Dyer's Bigfoot Dummy Tonight, 8PM EST

Ladies and gentlemen: Join Steve Kulls and Chris Bennett for tonight's Squatchdetective Radio starting at 8:00PM EST to 9:30PM EST. Tonight they will have on "Donny Booch" and former TT Veep Frank Cali and they'll be talking about the Bigfoot Dummy and the Dummy Rick Dyer has on tour with him. It's going to be explosive! You do not want to miss this. Link is below:

Is This Bigfoot Eyeshine?

Bigfoot's eyes reflect light brightly, and some researchers such as Matt Moneymaker even think their eyes produce light. This is called "eyeshine". Eastern Kentucky Bigfoot Research captured what they believe may be bigfoot eyeshine on their trail camera. Watch the video below:

Watch This Wisconsin Bigfoot Breakdown

An old classic breakdown from my distant past. Like, maybe, 7 months ago? It's still fun to watch. Brought to us by Parabreakdown.

This Mark Anders Guy Is Very Informative

We think we've finally understand this Mark Anders guy who's been popping in and out of the Bigfoot scene showing us random Bigfoot photographs that were reportedly sent to him anonymously. Though he makes it seem like he's got something legit, most of what he has seems photoshopped, and it's probably just all fun and games. Check out this talk about the Humboldt county Bigfoot photograph:

WATCH: Proof of Bigfoot Cloaking

Some people believe bigfoot have the ability to turn invisible or "cloak" themselves, which is why they have gone undiscovered for so long. The Carolina Bigfoot Field Research team believes they have captured proof that bigfoot have the ability to actually do this. Watch this video of a possible cloaking bigfoot:

Bigfoot Bounty Fans In For A Treat

According to Bigfoot Bounty fans will get a special treat this week. The network will be airing two brand-new episodes back to back! That's twice the squatch for the price of one! Be sure to tune in, as the teams are being narrowed down.

Watch: 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty: Lady Bait

Justin & Ro helpfully volunteer Kirsten and Shaney to serve as Bigfoot bait, just in case Bigfoot is feeling like a date night. Is this trick the missing piece to lure out Sasquatch (or his sensitive side)?

Yowie Spooks Man In His Car In Blue Mountains

Note to self: Stay away from any place called the "Blue Mountains". What's peculiar about the Blue Mountains is the fact that there are at least two of these mountains. There's the Blue Mountains of the Pacific Northwest, and there's also the Blue Mountains of Wentworth Falls, Australia. Here's what's mind blowing them: They're all Bigfoot hotbeds! In 1996 Paul Freeman happened to film a family of Bigfoots in the Blue Mountains of Washington.  In Australia, our little forest people friends are refer to as the Yowie. It seems the creatures there are a little more aggressive, with one report of a man almost beaten to death by one such creature. Then we have this recent report of a Yowie trying to attack a man in his car! Listen below:

Bigfoot at Withlachoochee?

Thanks to Adam Bird for sharing this photograph with us. This strange photograph supposedly taken at a state forest in Florida. Bird writes:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Top 5 Incredible Photos From Mulder's World [1/29/2014]

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Here are some fascinating photographs from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Listen: Bigfoot Howl Audio

This is intense! Researchers from Florida catch a mysterious howl on audio. The vocalization lasts for 8 seconds, and is a response to one of their own calls. Check it out!

These Are Cool!

Check out these sculptures by artist Jason Shanaman. We think they're awesome! Jason makes all kind of cool stuff, and they're all available at his online store.

Watch: Man fights off shark, swims back to shore and stitches himself up and then goes for a beer

James Grant, a 24-year-old junior doctor from New Zealand, was spearfishing with his friends last Saturday when he got attacked by a shark. He describes how he survived the attack and what he did afterwards:

Guess This Hand

This image of a "hand" has been floating around on Facebook today. Can you guess what it is? The full image is below:

Listen to The Squatcher's Lounge Podcast: Bigfoot Bounty's Justin Smeja, Tonight at 7PM PST

Join Hosts Rev. Jeff and David Batdorf as they welcome the guy everyone loves to hate Justin Smeja back to the podcast to talk about his involvement in Bigfoot Bounty and to discuss "How to Trap a Bigfoot" Live tonight at 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern on

Amazing Bigfoot Sighting from Pennsylvania

Justin Prouty and Sandy Cramer are two bigfoot researchers who had an amazing encounter in Potter County, Pennsylvania. They detail their account in the following newspaper article:

I Think This Bigfoot Looks Familiar

I know I've seen that face somewhere. Check out this awesome drawing of a sasquatch by YouTube user Cat McFarlane. Did I mention it's done on an iPad with a stylus? Watch it from start to finish:

The Calgary Bigfoot Footage When Stabilized Is Freaking Creepy!

Personally, we can't wait for Phil to do a breakdown on this footage filmed by a family in Calgary. In the meantime, have a closer look at what could possibly be a real Bigfoot:

My Reaction GIFs to Ketchum's Recent Facebook Posts

It's been a while since we've mentioned Dr. Melba Ketchum here and if you're wondering how she's doing, we're happy to report that she's doing fantastic! We heard her new book Mystic Forest is doing great on Amazon, and yes, she's still having a difficult time with other scientists not buying her "peer-reviewed" Bigfoot DNA paper. Here are some statements from her Facebook page to fill you in on what you've missed this past week:

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Top 5 Incredible Photos From Mulder's World [1/28/2014]

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Here are some fascinating photographs from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

I Think Bigfoot Bounty's Natalia Reagan is a Fox!

Fox News guest that is! Natalia was a guest on Studio 11 in Los Angeles talking about Spike TV's Bigfoot Bounty. But seriously, she is the total package. Brains, beauty, and a sense of humor. Throw in bigfoot, and we consider that a perfect score! Watch the video below:  

Boston Baseballer Believes Bigfoot

We imagine if bigfoot watched baseball, it would be a Boston Red Sox fan. Ok, maybe not. But bigfoot does have a fan on the Boston Red Sox. The second baseman discussed his belief during a recent podcast.

Watch: The rare Potoo bird from Brazil has some mad camouflage...

The incredible common potoo isn't much to look at -- so much so that you'll struggle to see it at all! In a bold display of camouflage and mimicry, this bird pretends to be a broken tree branch. To do so, it poses absolutely still, bravely evading predators in plain view of them. The potoo in this video is particularly fearless -- switch the quality up to HD and watch to find out why she's so determined not to be scared away from her perch.

Who Says Scientists Don't Believe in Bigfoot?

Kathy Strain is one of the hardest working women in bigfoot. She's also married to another great bigfoot researcher, Bob Strain. They are a dynamic duo in the field of sasquatch. Oh yeah, Kathy also holds a master's degree in anthropology. Check out this article featuring her:

Behind the Scenes of Bigfoot Bounty

Lights! Cameras! Thermal! I just read an article about the behind the scenes tech side of Bigfoot Bounty. It's amazing how much production work went into this show, and the amount of talented producers working on the reality series.

Northern Michigan Is Beautifully Squatchy

We've just applied for a trademark on the word Squatchy™ -- for scary Bigfoot-related items we're planning to sell online (only kidding!). You know what else is squatchy? Northern Michigan. Plenty of vocalizations have been recorded here by researcher Jim Sherman. Below are pictures from the scouting and filming of the Super Yooper episode of Finding Bigfoot in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Drone Video Captures Town Destroyed By Boulders

This incredible footage taken in Germany on 1/21/2014 by a drone shows a landslide that destroyed a house and an entire landscape. It's unclear whether anyone was hurt or not, but one lesson to learn from this is to never build a house on a cliff or under a bolder! Landslides like this can happen quickly.

New Footage: Family Videos Sasquatch in Calgary

A family going for a hike in Calgary got a rare glimpse of a sasquatch, and managed to catch it on video before it took off. Watch their video:

I can't get over how eerie these vocalizations sound

According to researcher Adam Bird, these are the "Trent Vocalizations - Recorded by Norma Trent on her property in Bruno, WV, these vocalizations are some of the best to date, with a Sasquatch openly expressing itself through its' voice during daylight hours." We heard this back in November, and it sounds just as creepy today.

Here's The Stuff That Happened Last Week Within The Bigfoot Community

Our readers (who aren't on Facebook) have no idea what's going on behind the scenes in Bigfoot land. To spare you the drama, we always try not to make a big deal out of most of the drama that goes on in the Facebook groups. However, when there's someone willing to do the legwork of summing it all up for us, we're not going to pass it up. Bigfooter Jim Lane has written a great piece on all that went on last week, and he opened with this statement:

Monday, January 27, 2014

Top 5 Incredible Photos From Mulder's World [1/27/2014]

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Here are some fascinating photographs from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

This Yeti Story is a Strange One

The verdict is still out on if this Buddhist practitioner is really a reincarnation of Do Khyentse, or just a budding cult leader, but it does tell one heck of a Yeti yarn in this video. Watch the video below: