Kelly Shaw Shares a Sighting from the Sawtooth Mountains

Kelly Shaw of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization shares a sighting report from the southern Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho.


  1. Kelly seems like a real nice guy, gotta love when he says " Sauce-squatch". :)

  2. Interesting account. Coming from a grandmother and her grandson it doesn't sound like people who were make this up, no reason to.

    1. Oh, I don't know. I know of a certain grandmother who lies all the time. Snipers. Being broke. Etc.. As for kids? They get a pass. They have plenty of reasons to fib now and then. Avoiding an ass whooping being one of the biggies.

    2. You know what doesn't lie? A specimen.

      Any news on a specimen?

    3. The "poop in a jar" guy is back. Other than that, no.

  3. Oh no! not that Kelly Shaw guy again!


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