Finding Bigfoot Advanced Episode: Atomic Bigfoot!

In this advanced online episode, the Finding Bigfoot team heads to Tennessee, and sets up camp next to a top-secret government facility. They last time they ventured into the "Volunteer" state they got some major activity. They know the bigfoot are out there, but will they be able to find them on their return trip?

Click Here to watch the full episode online!


  1. Replies
    1. lol. smoked.

      As far as the video goes, it could be a squatch. They might dress in ordinary clothes to throw us off. Probably in sexy women's underclothes as well.

      You can't prov they don't.

    2. ^^^^ A.C. Talking to himself. Conversation between two idiots! Or a sock puppet!

    3. TBP thinking its ME Again! Sad little dude!

  2. Pretty sure "atomic bigfoot" is a strain of designer hybrid cannabis.


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