Another Face Carved in Stone on Mars!

Pareidolia, the psychological effect that causes humans to see faces and images in random patterns happens everywhere, even in outer space! Since we've started exploring Mars, it seems a constant stream of claims have come in about people seeing faces, alien ships, even a bigfoot on the red planet. The image above shows the latest claim. 

“There are two or three anomalies in the picture. It called my attention immediately. There’s carvings on a lot of these rocks, somehow water or something… sand, wind,” said Mark Anthony, a “anomaly researcher” who claims to have been investigating NASA photographs for over 25 years. “I started to find very strange anomalies when Spirit hit the ground and started to relay data to Earth. Then, as the other rovers started their missions, I discovered amazing things and as I shared this with my family and friends, even my priest, people were left speechless and put pressure on me to share my research with the world.”

And of all the rocks, Anthony said, one of them stood out right away.

“Look at the shape of this thing. This would be the top of the head, this would be an eye, a carved out nose… look at this mouth area, look at how it’s worked, and then look at the side of the head to get the head shape. Look at where the chin is, totally flat,” the researcher explained on a 12-minute-long video."

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  1. i dont see shit in those rocks. this mark anthony guy is a total wackhead

  2. Its too horrible to be funny. I cant watch

  3. Hi chick

    Check this video out

    Look at the lights that are on around the outside edge. This looks very different. Probably a blended design stealth. But why the lights ? Deception ? Slow speed or hovering lights?



    1. Oooo- thats cool, very sleek! Wouldn't it be awesome to fly it? Tell the grays to move over MMC!

  4. yo pongo mi pene en su culo y ella gritaba con doler


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