Friday, April 18, 2014

Bigfoot Leaves Gifts For Florida BFRO Researchers

I don't know what the Florida branch of the BFRO is doing to get these results, but these images are pretty amazing. The bigfoot are leaving researchers gifts like we've never seen before. I certainly can't come up with any naturally occurring explanations for this stuff. Check it out:

"Wayne Spivey has been actively researching an area in Central Florida for several years. Below are some of his notes:

"I have always had in interest in sasquatch and live near an area that has a history of sightings. When I retired I decided to begin looking for them nearby. I took long hikes in the forest and began noticing subtle Sasquatch signs; stick structures, unusual tree breaks and knock marks. I contacted BFRO Investigator, R. Monteith for her opinion. We determined the structures were most likely sasquatch-made, but not recent. I realized that with the area’s history and my findings, this was a good place to direct my focus to. It is one of the few first growth forests left in Florida, and no hunting is allowed.

I began systematically exploring the entire surrounding area with GPS and marking all suspected finds while maintaining a photographic record. After several months, a pattern of “hot spots” or clusters of the same type of finds were apparent. I began to concentrate on those areas while slowly expanding my total search / exploration area. Google Earth satellite photos were immensely helpful in this research.

I picked a location of documented activity (GPS markings) and terrain. It is off trail and very remote. Much of bigfoot research is speculative, but by reading other researcher’s successful experiences’ I was able to incorporate feeding, gifting, and “games.” I began leaving food and gifts for them in this spot.

It took a while for the apples and peanut butter to be accepted or “get discovered”. I would bring fresh food weekly, and after several trips the food began disappearing. I also would leave four quarters in a pattern on a stump and the quarters began getting rearranged."
Bigfoot "Mobile" Gift

Another Angle of Bigfoot "Mobile" Gift

Bigfoot Limb Structure

To read about their research and see more of these amazing photos, click here.


  1. Replies
    1. Careful those feets dont catch you in one of those booby traps!

    2. I am wondering if those strings are tied in knots around the stick or woven around it. Hmmmm.

    3. I can Spanish moss and humans did it shawn

    4. At last, convincing evidence! No human being could ever make anything like that!

  2. huh people still going out to find furry man. I thought this was all wrapped up after all the top named hoaxers being exposed. who is this guy lets ream 'em a good one.

  3. I am surprised that the Bigfoot did not drop a few chits into a BFRO hat or cup that they could scrounge up. It is just Bigfoot's little way of telling the BFRO that they ought to invest some money into learning how to be stealthy.

  4. If these finds are genuine BF then this creature has the ability of being exploited for base skill jobs and thus become succeptable to the vices of modern life

    So sad


  5. ^Well, at least they can sell their wares at flea markets and county fairs.