Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Some People Are Tracking Down The Maker of Rick Dyer's Bigfoot Dummy, And They Are Getting Close

While the people who made Rick Dyer's Bigfoot dummy will never come forward to claim they made the dummy (obviously due to business reasons), Paul E. and company have been diligently trying to convince one person who claimed he was contacted by someone named "Rick Deer" who asked for a "realistic Bigfoot body that could be put on display and toured". A screengrab of the conversation is below:

"I am soooo tired of supposedly reputable people giving Rick Dyer any credence or plausibility whatsoever. I recently posted a screen grab from a SFX guy who confirmed he was contacted by Dyer to create a fake Bigfoot body. His price was to high for Mr Dyer. Thanks to the work of a small dedicated, diligent group of individuals we now know who did make the body. We know where it was made, when it was made, how it was made. The person in question refuses to come forward and admit to his handy work. This may be due to professional and/or legal reasons or simply pure embarrassment or shame. The very simple fact is that Rick Dyer is a known and serial hoaxer. This hoax (his fifth) is without doubt the most ludicrous to date. He has failed to provide one piece of scientific verifiable data to support his claim. His story has changed numerous times as indeed has the physical appearance of his 'dead Bigfoot'. If anyone out there in Bigfoot land still gives Dyer even a 0.00000000001% chance of actually having a dead Bigfoot then not even the voice of God will dissuade you from your stupidity." - Paul E.


  1. https://www.facebook.com/TWISTEDTOYBOX.net?fref=ts

    1. Thats the guy that made the body, I heard haa.

  2. And the Cheap Rubber Suit Of Lies tour continues. Coming to a town near you. Except Phoenix AZ. Nobody there wanted anything to do with this clown. Not even the UFO convention.

    Looking at the thing, it was made by kids. Or an adult with the intelligence of a 5 year old. So it is my belief Prick made it himself.

  3. If only all bigfooters looked this closely at ALL the evidence! They would also find that it's just as credible.

  4. 10:21 that's just as ignorant as the people that believe Dyer.

  5. Where'd that photo come from? It appears to be a pic from the process of creating "Hank's" latex face. Notice that there seems to be less hair.

    This photo seems to prove that Hank is fake. I'm really curious if it came from the anonymous creator.

  6. Wait, so you're trying to actually make me believe that THIS is NOT a real live dead bigfoot? Oh come ON now boys and girls, that's as real as the nose on your chinny chin chin. Stop hatin' and start participatin' send Rick some bread man, open up those check books...the medication that makes him sound like a box of Good n Plenty when he walks is EXPENSIVE...

  7. But wool feather from cryptomundo and robert lindsay think it's real. And those guys are the most credible name in bigfooting


    1. Lindsay is like the dumbest guy in all of bigfootery. He constantly backtracks over his old claims and refuses to admit he is wrong.

  9. I have it on good word that Jane Pisano is filing legal action against Robert Lindsay.

    1. Thank God. At least take away his wi-fi from his mental ward room.

  10. For those of you would like to see the Alamo pull Dyer's booking:


  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPnZFiKa50c

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