Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Listen: Bigfoot Hotspot Radio - Ten feet away from a Sasquatch

Our friends Will Jevning, Wes Germer and Woody Pratt are back again this week with another great show, and this latest show is about a man who was close enough to a Bigfoot that he could have touched it. Pratty writes: "Vic, former cohost of Campfire Shadows shares audio with us. As Shane and Bear are live from expedition they hope to encounter a Sasquatch but got more than they had hoped for. Join us every Sunday night at 5pm PST as we discuss recent Sasquatch sightings, encounters and talk to Bigfoot eye witnesses. People are seeing something in the woods and there are too many reports for this too be ignored. Please help us produce more shows per week. Below is our new sponsor. For a free trial and free audio book,visit www.audibletrial.com/bigfoothotspot"


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    1. Nobody trolls better than me when you piss me off.

      I'll fight a bear with a stick. I actually have plans to take a Squatch this summer with a buck-knife.

      We had a saying in Texas, Frank buck don't give a fu..

  2. I want to be first for uneven chick peas!

  3. Bloke in a suit. This is too easy. Fish in a barrel.

  4. New Muscle Building Science Lets Smaller Guys Bulk Up Fast ,Bigfoot a man who was Smaller. to many reports for this too be ignored.

  5. And to many grammatical errors to be deciphered. Public schooling strikes again!

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    1. just some C**k in your mouth, Fake ALL CAPS!! ^^

  7. could be GRAYs they been around for years doing DNA extraction for years

  8. You would be better off looking for Fred Flinstone seriously or Barney Rubble. There are as many videos and pictures of them as there are this supposed Bigfoot. Its always a story or a faded picture. It may even be a bad video or a burn story and then a supposed cover up like the Nevada story.
    But there is never any hard evidence. Never a skeleton,never a dead one, never a road kill,never a young one which wanders off,never an old one with Alzheimer's caught trying to get a burger at A&W,no Bigfoot scat,no hair.....nothing ,zip,zilch ...nada.
    If they were real a hunter would have shot one by now.It wouldn't be against the law because they arent protected by Fish & Game.Then the hunter would be an instant millionaire right.
    If they were real you could use dogs and a team of hunters to get one. How about using a coordinated dog team of 100 dogs...Bloodhounds,Airedales and Pit Bulls,five of each in a group with hunters and handlers for each. Go to one of these Bigfoot hotspots and go at it. You kn ow why its never been done becasue no seriuous hunter beleives they are real. But i guarantee you an Airedale and PitBull team would take on a grizzly or African Lion.They would track and attack until the hunters got there to shoot one.But again it will never happen because they dont exist.