Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Other Bigfoot Related News [11/6/2013]

Can't get enough Bigfoot news updates? Here are some other awesome Bigfoot news and stories from several sources.

11/3/13 we stop and show the exact spot Bobo crossed the road on his show Finding Bigfoot a couple of years ago. Kelly talks about how it is a hot spot here in Utah.

Bigfoot vs. Werewolves May Get a Little ‘Savage’
  • Just when you thought you had seen it all, along comes Bigfoot taking on a pack of werewolves, and damn, it just sounds too awesome to pass up. 

  • WATERVILLE, Maine — In the same month the Statue of Liberty was dedicated in New York in 1886, a handful of newspapers in New England published stories about a deadly encounter in the Maine woods involving what today likely would be termed “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch.”

  • I have been interested in this for years because in my family it was taken as fact for most of my life. The reason for this was an incident that happened in the early seventies, 1974, I believe. 

  • Lurking in the woods of Vicksburg, there could be a creature many have heard of, but only a few believe they have actually seen.  One such person is David Childers, a man who claims to have had his own encounter with a Sasquatch.

  • “Has anybody else heard? the papers say that there was a florida hunter the other day that shot one and he went to go get help but when they got there another one was dragging him away… has anybody else hear about this??? i heard this from a  friend.”


  1. (clive squashy)

    Wonder if that Mississippi WoolyBooger knows Mike SugarBooger...

  2. (clive squashy)

    Bigfoot in Maine? 10-foot-tall ‘wild man’ was killed in 1886, newspapers reported

    ...FINNALY my great great grandfather Stretch is getting the justice he deserves.

  3. this place blows without michell merchant,

    1. A phrase I thought I'd never hear.


  4. thi is my favourite bigfoot 'expert'. he has absaloutely zip in the way of evidence, yet he enthuseasticaly over prounounces his words in an excited way when describing some fairy story.
    "susssspect BIGFOOT nestsssss", er why not stick a game cam facing the fuckin nest.

  5. this guy needs help. ive yet to see a film of nything interesting in his films. there was a '9ft white bigfoot spotted up here',when the area is like the surface of the moon,such an animal would be like a beacon.