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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Albert Fuhs Films Another Possible Bigfoot

Montana Bigfoot researcher Albert Fuhs has made some incredible claims of photographing Bigfoots lately. One of Fuhs photographs has even caught the attention of Canadian Bigfoot researcher Todd Standing who's been filming episodes with Les Stroud for his Bigfoot show. Last March, Fuhs shared an interesting photograph of a possible Bigfoot he named "Fred".  The photograph of "Fred" was taken at a hotspot in Montana. This latest photograph is of another Bigfoot he calls "Buddy". Fuhs explains:

Montana Bigfoot I call Buddy. I filmed this Bigfoot and his family in Northern Montana in 2011. I filmed this family with two different cameras this is a piece of one of the videos of buddy and his family coming out from behind the pine trees as I was calling to them. Thanks for watchen sasquatchen with us.

Here's the video:

Last March, Fuhs released this photograph of "Fred" near the same location:


  1. Replies
    1. Fat? Yeah, we were all thinking the same thing. You need to lay off the nutrient deficient high calorie, high fat snacks and select healthy, nutrient dense options. You can't go wrong with vegetables.

  2. It's a shadow caused by the tree.

    What's happened to this blog?!

  3. Oh yes, reduce all contrast, invert the image, that will magically convince me there is something there.


  4. Bigfeets are a kind of magic tree stumps

    1. Some of them are also a kind of magic shadows

    2. The sad thing is that could have been a genuine Bigfoot in the photo but this moron is such a terrible photographer the photos are junk either way.

    3. @6:52, Yep, now Albert will whine and complain why nobody takes him seriously when he presents this kind of crap. I sure hope old Fuhs doesn't read these comments, it'll be too much for him to handle!!

    4. No because if he made a good photo you would have been able to see that this is just a shadow




  6. Pwned like Mulder in the dark.

    Like so many in the bigfoot community Fuhs is in need of psychiatric help.

    1. ^^^Like so many in the Randi community, this twerktard requires a bib and a crash helmet.

  7. pretty weak,he appears to move toward the object and then we are cut off film?Not even a decent blow up of the object it pixels out ! which is common unless you have photo skills,its a crap shoot with low results when your trying to capture the foot!

  8. We need some clear close -up shots.

  9. ridicul;as. whatever he took a single sot of
    1 he could have taken a series of shots
    2 he could have filmed it, whatdoesnt have recordeing capabilities if it can take a picture

    This creature was obviously quite exposed since it was bigger than the tress around him,quite a bit bigger, youd think this thing would be spotted a lot if its this size. eitherway its a hoax

    just another anomilia that shows an outline of something created by trees/bushes

    pathetic.this guy has no credability

  10. Hoax or Pareidolia, certainly not evidence.
    Why couldn't the cameraman keep the subject in the center of the frame? Why as the subject starts to move to an open position does the filming stop?

  11. Oh my god OH MY GOD those are some groundbreaking photos of amorphous brown blobs with no discernible details which seem to have the exact same texture as the random shadows in the rest of the image SCIENCE WILL BE TREMBLING IN ITS SCIENCEY BOOTS






  12. This is a crock!. He has the camera strapped to a tree that sways in the wind. The camera triggers on moving heated objects. But when the wind blows, stationary heated objects appear to be moving to the camera. So it triggers the camera. The owner of the camera, then desparate for a simple explanation, picks a stationary shadow off to the left of the shot, that is too far away to actually trigger the camera. This video is absolute proof that you do not need to have an IQ larger than your hat band size, in order to post alleged Bigfoot videos on youtube, when you have just be photographing shadows.

  13. Their a kind of people. But um... I don't even see a people in that film there. let alone a stunk ape.

    Never sien me a clear picture of on them things..I think you all are pulling my leg.

  14. freakin shocking French video chick is HOT,keep them ads a rolling!

  15. whoa ! that psychadelic video still has me trippin' man !

  16. Bigfoot is the most elusive mammal on the planet. Anyone who tells you that they have had multiple encounters with a bigfoot is giving you a load of BS.

    1. Not true at all,its possible to have multiple sightings in a area there is known to be bf.duh.this is why people don't come out and speak because of people think its're wrong!

  17. It's so easy for you Guys to criticize, 2nd Guess from afar. Let's see YOUR big foot photos, What? You don't have any, you say?
    Then how can you criticize this man, when you don't even have any photos of your own?.
    What do you think, A Big foot is going to run out in the open, stand there, long enough to be photographed!
    Yes this a very shitty Video, i can't tell, all of us can't tell what we're looking at!
    How many Videos have been shown on this sight, Hundreds? How many were real good, or possibly good? I say only one intrigued me!
    I've written this many many times: "If you, I or Anybody, was lucky enough to produce here, or any BF site a very clear still Photo, or a very clear Video", within "seconds" of it being shown, People on this Site, some Believers and almost all Non-believers alike will tear it apart! Writing: It's FAKE! HOAXED! MAN IN A MONKEY SUIT!

    So what's the point? You would have to be a complete NITWIT to post any photos or Videos here!

    People ask me all the time, Hey! J.J., Johnny jerk off Jones, Big mouth Jones etc, Where's all your photograph's, You claim to go on Deep wilderness Expeditions all the time, Where's your photographs? I want to see them, I know nothing about big foot, hell! i don't even think he exists but, I WANT TO SEE YOUR FUCKING PHOTOS NOW! YOU PIECE OF SHIT!

    And my Answer,
    1. I'm not stupid enough to show them here.
    2. What qualifies you, to analysis my Photos?

    My Answer is this: With the Anger, the Dis-respect you show me and others, Your viciousness, Your Cynical Attitude, your Hate, Your Jealous's, Your Envious. . . Well you "Should" get the point, why I don't ever show anything here. And all the others that will continue to show their Big foot Videos here, all I can say is DUMB< DUMB

    John W. Jones Spoke.

  18. John you are so right, even with clear footage many would rip it to pieces. Personally I need no pics, seen one and if I had photographed one I wouldn't show it here. All I need to do is go a short distance in the tree line and if they want to show themselves they will. My siting was some years ago; since, then I have info of huge foot prints inbedded in a rock hill. Plan to check them out when I can afford to; but, don't really need to as I need no vids or pictures to believe. I have come to ythe conclusion if they want you to see them they will show themselves.

  19. why post this even. it does footery no good at all
    its a different colored tree/bush!