Friday, June 7, 2013

Watch: The Best Bigfoot Documentary In The History of The World [Video]

Watch this documentary tonight and believe!

History Channel's Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide

A team of top scientists come together with one goal: to create the definitive guide to Bigfoot. Does the creature exist? And if it does where is it? And how can it survive without being detected?

Using a new interactive map the team has plotted more than 10,000 Bigfoot type sightings from around the world. These sightings are of an unidentified creature which walks on two legs and is covered in a thick layer of hair. Many of theses sightings date back over 100 years. With their expert knowledge of the natural world they are able to dismiss nearly 90% of the sightings, but what emerges is a series of global hotspots that cannot be explained which indicate that something is out there.

The team examines these global hotspots and searches for explanations including new theories that suggest we may have been looking for the wrong creature all along?


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  2. Nice pic! You go bigfoot! Push til it bleeds!

  3. this is old and not the best

  4. (bigfoot)

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  6. Absolute garbage documentary. Not even definitive in the slightest.

  7. Tom T. Hall likes little baby ducks, shiney pickup trucks. And sasquatch.

  8. I watched this a few weeks ago.

    Decent but not definitive.

    The conclusion regarding the Skunk Ape is pretty laughable though. Not Meldrums finest hour.


  9. all I want to know is
    why was Henry May not featured in this documentary
    for being one of the leading field re-searchers in the bigfoot community????

    I mean he does have the superman underoo pajamas to signify his greatness

    and yes I agree definitely not definitive.

  10. Definitely NOT the best sasquatch doc,but it is interesting. I prefer the classics,Sasquatch:Legend of Bigfoot(docu-drama),In Search Of,Manbeast(Peter Byrne),The A&E special and more..all better than this but this is definitely above average.