BigfootWeekend September Expedition

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Watch this: Ivan Marx's The Legend Of Bigfoot - Special Edition

Before Rick Dyer (2008 Georgia Bigfoot hoaxer), there was Ivan Marx, the "Best Bigfoot Tracker In The World":

Ivan Marx was an animal tracker, woodsman, hunting guide, explorer, adventurer, accomplished nature photographer, and dedicated Bigfoot hunter. Ivan first began his Bigfoot research in the 50s. He was involved in the Bossburg, Washington Cripple Foot track finds in November, 1969 and claimed to have shot actual footage of a crippled Sasquatch in October, 1970. Marx briefly worked for three months for renowned Bigfoot researcher Peter Byrne, who later became one of Ivan’s biggest and most vehement detractors. In 1976 Marx narrated, co-produced, and appeared as himself in the lively and enjoyable documentary The Legend of Bigfoot. Ivan also was a cinematographer on this picture. He subsequently followed this feature with two more documentaries: In the Shadow of Bigfoot and Bigfoot: Alive and Well in ’82. Marx and his wife Peggy lived in Burney, Shasta County, California. Although widely derided as a fraud by many Sasquatch experts, Ivan always insisted that his movies and photographs of Bigfoot were real. He was a mentor to controversial fellow Bigfoot researcher Tom Biscardi. Ivan Marx died in 1999.


  1. I heard Rick Dyer was so emasculated yesterday that Lily took the opportunity to give him a good throat-punching.

    1. Lily isn't pregnant so beating her wasn't any fun. Dyer just went to bed.

  2. Ivan Marx is the guy who mentored Biacardi and taught him how to be a great American hero.

  3. (bigfoot)

    When peoples say I don't exist...I gets May-aaad !


  4. That photo looks like one of the monsters from Star Trek (the original). Shatner should be kicking its ass.


  5. The narrator sounds like the same guy who narrated A Christmas Story

  6. I knew Ivan and he was a very nice guy.

  7. Ivan's grandfather, Karl, was a nice guy too.

  8. Check out the moose starting at 57:32. damn impressive

  9. Bigfoot of the world unite! Break the bonds of the proletariat. Caves and food for everyone!