Sunday, October 14, 2012

Watch this: Owl uses exceptional hearing to catch prey from under snow

This is an incredible video: Barn Owls have a disk-shaped face that is said to resemble a heart. This disk is not decorative—it performs an important function. The owl's ears are placed asymetrically on the sides of its head. The disk around the face helps to funnel sound into the owl's ears and allows it to zero in on the exact location of prey - even in total darkness. They have the best hearing of any animal tested. The Barn Owl's face can be thought of as the outer part called pinnae) of its ears with the sole purpose of directing sound into the ear openings. Barn owls are capable of locating and capturing prey solely by sound, although they also have excellent night vision. This "satellite dish" on the Barn Owl's face is so important it has a unique accessory that no other owl has: a special "comb" on one toe of each foot, which is used to comb the disk and keep it in good shape.


  1. Interesting but why is this on a site calling itself 'Bigfoot Evidence'?

    1. he has a point,inmy thinking too, its nothing to do with the subject matter of the site. may as well show a rock concert or real madrid v barcelona football match as they are 'awesome to!

      As you are American football is a highly popular sport in all the world[excludoing USA who prefer girls games[rounders we call it,u call baseball or basketball which is called netball in UK and played by girls] or sports where you are so padded up its embarressing]and madrid against barcalona is the best game in the world for class football.

      Anyway this has nothing to do with Bigfoot. Also being from UK this documentary is good[not awesome,thats some over used American wird] but 6/7years old.zzzzzzzzzz

  2. I don't believe in owls not real you can tell by the diaper butt.

  3. I could stare at hooters allllll day.

  4. As it clearly states on the video caption: this is a Great Grey Owl, not a Barn Owl.

    Accuracy is everything.

  5. Nice, a tribute to the Owl God, sometimes known as Molech or Moloch.

    Check the opening 'Cremation of Care' ceremony at Bohemian Grove in California.

  6. Owls are bad'd think a Gamecock would have a chance against an Owl but they don't. I've found their carcasses numerous times in the morning when I was feeding and watering them.

  7. No lemmings were harmed in the making of this video. Well, except for the one that was eaten by the owl.

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  9. The Knower here.

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  10. The (real) Knower here

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