More Sounds From Central Michigan, One of The Most Active Locations In The U.S.

BFRO investigator Jim Sherman has recorded some interesting vocalizations in Central Michigan. Some of his recordings from Isabella county includes a knock response and 20 minutes of howling. Matt Moneymaker claims Sherman's research location is probably the most active site in the U.S.

Here's another audio clip from the same area in Central Michigan. This recording was made in early April 2011. After he heard the following sequence of unknown vocalizations, Sherman said he was pumped up and made the decision to camp at the the same spot for a few days. "The whole thing fired up the barn animals and the coyotes and lasted for over 20 minutes. I make no claims as to what this is but it coincided with coyote vocals and was very interesting," he said.

Central Michigan. Taken from a fence post facing northeast. Around 11:30pm. The coyotes started the cacophony along with the local dogs, the goats and horses began to respond soon after. The whole clip lasted for 20 minutes but I eliminated most of the obvious coyote and dog howls and barks. The loudest of the vocals came from about 400 m away near a clearing I would camp in 4 days later...not a lot of sleeping that night.


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    1. really this first shit, grow-up!

    2. Says the anon7:25 who's jealous about not being first.

  2. Spent a lot of time in the woods with the Army, but never heard anything like that at the 36 second mark. Good Stuff.

  3. Lived in Michigan my whole life and lived in Northern Michigan for years. Heard some of my own suspected bigfoot vocalizations, but very different from these. Just as haunting, however. These are some pretty wicked vocals. If I was camping and heard this, I would probably go home ASAP! Whatever this is, it sounds in tremendous pain....great job catching these!

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    1. Coyote my ass! Simpleton urbanite response!

    2. I hear coyotes every night in Wisconsin. Sure there were some on the recording in response, but that other noise was something I've never heard.

  5. He spent the next night there......he must use a wheelbarrow to carry around his balls.

  6. That is soooooo Jim Sherman doing that. Total human, totally.

    The Squatchanator

  7. It does sound a little like a person at the end, "human" like I guess you could say, but if these things are closely related to humans then I'm sure some of em are going to sound like humans. This is probably a smaller scrawnier squatch. Maybe his balls haven't dropped yet? Who knows?

  8. It also sounds like whoever or whatever it is, is cupping their hands around their mouth to project their vocals.

  9. Any chance it could of been someone trying to hoax the guy. Even if it's human or not it still gave me chills listening to it.

    Really? How the fuck do footers think this is a bigfoot? I hear coyotes sound like this all the time....

    ....footers, like a retarded child that should be put down.
    Megaphone Man

    1. Says the guy that walks around with a megaphone up his taterhole.

    2. Megaphone Man,you say you hear coyotes sound like that all the time.
      Is that right before you poke them in the taterhole or after you pull it out?

    3. Where do you hear coyotes like that? On a Road Runner cartoon?

  11. That is a heck of a recording Jim, Nice work. Growing up in next door Midland County, I had no idea of Sasquatch being in this part of the country, only to find out there was a rash of sightings in the 70s the local paper was writing about and the BFRO is getting a lot in the last few years. Keep up the good work.


  12. He really does pull off the Peter Byrne look. I have to say, it sounded like a man trying to get the coyotes excited. I do that at my house all the time and it works well. So, man, coyotes, or Sherman was getting hoaxed. Could always be a Bigfoot though...

  13. Not so certain about the "taterhole" thing but there is always a chance that suspected vocals are either misidentified animals or even somebody perpetrating a hoax. Taken as a whole with all coroborating data including footprints, possible stick structures, recordings of bi-pedal walking along with suspect vocals begins to create a better picture of what is going on in this particular area. I have been assured by non-bigfoot sources that these are not coyote. I asked a biologist at MSU to analyze them for me but I did not mention anything regarding what I thought they were and simply asked if they were wolves too far south. The answer I got back was 1. Owls and 2. Primate, but most of the people who looked into them had no idea what they were. I have not seen a bf and remain skeptical until then. I post these for comment and research value. Can I say with 100% convinced they are not wolves, nope, nor can I conform that I am not being hoaxed. However, when I was on location with other researchers (which gave me a bit more fortitude) we were able to walk near houses to see if that was where the vocals were originating from and that was not the case. In that instance the vocalizers were spread out for over a mile. One group was far away to our south (picked up with the recorder on at the barn but unheard by us) one was to our direct and very close west (tapping trees quietly) and the loud one was to our north. Again, could be bored people...Enjoy.

  14. Fake stuff.
    Monkeys that howl like coyotes and wolves. Get real.
    This is all so made up it reeks.

  15. sounds like MM got his foot caught in a bear trap.

  16. Thats one of the best.howls ive ever heard! Nice work

  17. Very creepy! I'm not sure why, but my first response to this audio was that it was a person in the woods, trying to lure a Bigfoot by vocalization. Something about the raspy, straining parts of the call that sounded different than other BF audio I've heard. I'm not saying that this is what it is---I'm sure that you had to be there to hear it, I'm just saying that this was my first impression. I'm not a skeptic on this subject--- I definitely acknowledge BF reality.

  18. I am thankful I didn't know what the hell a Bigfoot was during my many years spent hunting in a dense northern Michigan swamp. The things that happened to me in there give me chills now.

  19. If you would like to hear a recording of a what is being said, is a bigfoot running over a bridge. The is 198 ft. long and is made of steel and cement. It is estimated that it croossed the bridge in four seconds, that is 35mph on all fours. This is what a bfro researcher Stan Courtney from IL. recorded. Stan has also included a comparisn sound of his dog running up a wooden stairs and a horse running. You have to put on a head set and turn up the volume on the computer. You can hear it breathing. Go to Click at the top on bigfoot sounds and go to BRIDGERUNNER, SINIFFER Iis also a good one of try the WEEDEATER. THANKS sTAN i WISH THE bfro WOULD LISTEN TO Stans sound and present them on the Finding Bigfoot show.

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