Monday, August 27, 2012

Sasquatch Alert Posted In Local Campgrounds In Eastern Sierras

You're damn right the government knows about Bigfoot. Take a look at this bulletin from the US Forest Service posted by Bigfoot Evidence forum member GT3Paul. It says if you're confronted by a Sasquatch near the Big Pine areas, DO NOT RUN!:

US Forest Service Bulletin #7-12 Sasquatch Bulletin Posted in forest campgrounds up around my area in the Big Pine Campground areas and Big Pine Creek campgrounds. This is 100 miles north of me.


The US Forest Service warns visitors that recent Sasquatch sightings have occurred in both the lower and upper Big Pine Creek areas. Campers are advised to keep a close lookout and report unusual sightings to either campground hosts or Rangers or the District manager.

IF confronted by a SASQUATCH DO NOT RUN stay calm. If possible take a picture and note the area where sighted. Most sightings occur at night. Therefore activities outside the perimeter of your campground are HIGHLY discouraged.

Kind of delivers a fat lip to skeptics. I am thinking of going up there on Labor day.


  1. If this is real wouldn't this just result in more unqualified people running into the woods ?

    1. It's fake. Look in the BFRO website on their blue forums. Click "What's new in America and Canada" and look for the piece referencing this poster. Hoax....

    2. I assumed it was a fake poster, but admittedly it's kind of a funny joke.

    3. What..are you calling unqualified?

    4. Up next:
      FAA issues Notice To Airmen:
      It's real I tell you-
      I heard it AND saw it on the Internet...

  2. Is this an authentic bulletin or a prank?

    1. This is a prank. Just like the map of Pacific Northwest wildlife that includes sasquatch.

  3. I am pretty sure this is crap. The USFS uses a different numbering system for bulletins and each forest area puts it's initials in the number. Like PNW 12345 #1-2, not RPO as that is not a known forest area. Here is the link to the forest that covers Big Pine Creek and there is no alert about bigfoot.

    1. Ummm, that says GPO not RPO that stands for Gov't Printing Office.

  4. thats funny this post came up. i just found a sign similar to this posted sunday at walput lake in washington state. i thought it was kinda odd so i grab it. hope it wasnt too important (??). if anyone would like to see the one from WA state, let me know...happy hunting

    jt from wa

    1. Like anon said, if you got it Post It.

    2. Yeah, post it somewhere and link it. Someone's having more fun with bleevers at their expense! Drop bait, the bait is taken. Anyone with a computer can make fake signs.

    3. Sure, but the way it says "note the area where sighted" actually could support stories told by witnesses of forest rangers turning up to wash out the tracks, they basically want to know so they can remove the evidence.

    4. 5 years late but your comment about hiding/washing away evidence makes sense!!

  5. The government takes this as serious as the Bigfoot
    X ING signs.

  6. Replies
    1. I dont either but you don't have to YELL!


    3. Liar. I've seen your keys "unstuck". Knock it off.

    4. Could you guys please type slower--I can't read that fast.

  7. "NickynoneckMonday, August 27, 2012 2:04:00 AM PDT
    If this is real wouldn't this just result in more unqualified people running into the woods ?"

    Good point... But I can think of two reasons as to why this would be posted. #1 U.S. Forest Service wants more citation money from the BFRO lol

    #2 The most likely one, They are covering their own ass. If a child was abducted or killed (or for that matter an adult) by a Sasquatch and it was witnessed by a group of people, I would imagine the U.S. Government would be looking at a Hell of a law suit. A lot of these Documentary's about "Bigfoot" imply that most Forest workers have encountered or believe in sasquatch. (not sure how true that is though).

    If that sounds far-fetched, keep in mind that in most U.S. States it is illegal to knowingly sell a haunted house... If the new residents feel the place is haunted and then they find out that you also thought it was, they could sue you.


    1. Good grief. You're as dumb as they come. "Try and take a picture" Tzieth. Idiot, idiot idiot.

    2. You have to get permission from the U.S. Govt. to sue them.

      I doubt any of them are worried.

      This is USFS-
      not McDonald's.
      get a grip.

  8. Shawn, please find out if this is a real poster.

    1. Call the Forest Service to confirm.

    2. No, YOU call the Forest Service.

    3. No, you'll have to do it.

  9. I think you may be right Tzieth. Been posted in Washington State also. I will check with the Huron National Forest in Michigan this weekend also to see if they have any postings. I must say this is getting interesting. I do not know how many Forest workers believe in Sasquatch, but I know some do from reports I have read, and most likely a larger percentage also do, but will not readily admit it.


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  11. I've been in the high country a lot in my life. I stop and read the bulletin boards for information. One of the things the USFS does is use staples in each corner to mount their bulletins. So where's the staples?

  12. This is 10 miles from my home in the Sierras. I'll check it out.

  13. Off topic:Does anyone know what happened to GnRfan? I saw his name mentioned in the chatroom on the podcast last night but no recent posts.

    1. He had an epiphany, stopped being such an overwhelming douche, and fucked off.

    2. Idk I enjoyed his post also but he did have a foul mouth and bad temper.

    3. GnrRfan wasn't used to being in an environment where he couldn't slap anyone who talked back to him. He subsequently had a frustration induced stroke and is currently residing in a nursing home. If you don't believe me then Google it.

    4. GnRfan was a childish jerk. Leave it at that be glad he's gone.

    5. He likes to make long posts, and he also readily gets upset and responds to trolling or negative comments. His friends should advise him to join the forum, and keep him away from this comment section. When I envision his pc, it has a cracked screen from the punches.

  14. It is Shawn who made this poster, to get more hits on this website. Very simple.

  15. I don't see the relevance of this bulletin. If true it only confirms that some people “in the government” are idiots (which is already a known fact). If false “GT3Paul” might be facing jail time if he hoaxed it himself. Either way it doesn't change anything.

  16. Someone mentioned something about staples. The last forest service bulletins I had seen were right outside the Ape Caves when I went there a few months ago. I could not remember if there were staples or not so I googled the visitor center. There were no pics of the bulletin board, but I did find mention of Bigfoot lol.

    FYI:The Ape Caves are managed by the U.S. Forest Service so I thought this was funny.

  17. The most recent alert I can find is What To Do If You Encounter A Marijuana Plantation in the Eastern Sierras.

  18. The notice could have been made and posted by anybody, including GT3Paul. Is GT3Paul a wingnut? He has been banned from Bigfoot Forums for his wacky behavior, I think. I know for sure I blocked the guy.

    1. Well, wingnut or not, there's a little charge called “forging government documents” that GT3Paul may have coming his way if the bulletin isn't genuine.

    2. Besides the fact that you have NO evidence that GT3Paul created this, I call BS. If it's fake - which I strongly believe - and posted only online, it can fall under Fair Use as parody. Never mind the fact that a US Forestry poster is public domain and not subject to copyright law. Recreating a poster for laughs <> forging government docs. LOL. Exaggerate much?

      So unless it specifically states on it that it can't be reproduced without permission, it is fair game. Photoshoppers on multiple sites have made parodies of government posters for years - none are in jail nor have any been fined.

      If it's real, maybe the Forestry Service is covering it's butt in preparation for the release of evidence. "Yep they are real. But just like bears, it you do something stupid and get mauled by one, you're fault stupid human." Something like that.

    3. Excuse me, it falls under Fair Use IF the poster has copyrighted material. If no copyright, just public domain.

    4. He was being a gossiping alarmist, caught up in his desire to "give skeptics a fat lip". Try doing five minutes of research next time, Paul.

    5. Thank you, I'm not Paul. And again, exaggerate much? One post in one Forum on one website on a subject 60% of Americans don't believe in. Yes, I can see Western civilization about to tumble over this. You guys are way too bloated with self-importance.

      Also the picture above is an image of a paper. When I see an actual poster hanging inside on actual kiosk in an actual park, then I'll believe some one put a poster up. Until then, just more hearsay (shocking in the BF world!) - just another internet joke that GT3Paul fell for. Check out Snopes - every once in a while an internet meme picks up steam as the "real deal folks". Yep. Likely just a photoshop and a bad one at that.

  19. @girl56

    What is the Bulletin number of that Marijuana bulletin? Does it even remotely look close to the number on this supposed one?

    1. Someone planning on investigating?

    2. Tzieth,

      You really are a moron, a great big retard even. You couldn't tell this was a joke? "Try and take a picture". LMFAO, yep, sounds "official" as fuck to me. Dumb ass.

  20. I don't see a picture of the marijuana bulletin, it's just in the alert section of the area on the forest service website.

    1. Why don't you just drive to Big Pine and check the 2 campgrounds on Big pine creek?

    2. Independence is my second home. i won't be there until Friday...

    3. I'll take a drive up to glacier and baker. But it will be a waste of time.

    4. I visited both campgrounds and there is nothing like this anywhere near Big Pine.

  21. Replies
    1. GT3Paul didn't present it as humor.

    2. I don't think his "Kinda delivers a fat lip to skeptics" comment was intended as humor, either.

  22. Did anyone call the forest service yet?

  23. Several years ago up near Mt.Saint Helens in Washington
    A notice was found Alerting folks to a Sasquatch Study
    underway for "Gigantopithecus Blacki". One of the folks
    who found it asked a Ranger about it. He said it was
    totally Bogus and was used to alert people to a

  24. This is response to the book Missing 411.

  25. @5:37 The replies you received on your question could not be further from the truth.
    I've been friends with Randy GnRfan and his wife for over five years.
    Randy was arrested last week for assault after a co worker accused him of theft he simply put lost it and punched the guy.
    No theft had taken place, only a misunderstanding. The co worker asked that the charges be dropped and the R.C.M.P. agreed under the terms that Randy get help for his anger issues,and he is.
    Randy would help anyone at any time and would give you the shirt off his back.
    I am proud to call him a friend and some of the comments made are uncalled for.I have never understood this Bigfoot stuff but it is something he is very passionate about sometimes to a fault.
    He has asked me to check in on this website now and again and let him know what's going on.Please don't judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes.I am sure he will be back on here after this mess is over.Keep your chin up Rand but don't try to break anyone else's,just messin.

    Thank you.

    1. “Please don't judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes.” has got to be the most moronic comment on this page. We all have “walked a mile in his shoes” because we live in the real world. Here in the real world people get to choose if they are going to be douchebags or not, and GnRfan chose to be a douchebag. We all could have made that choice, but some of us didn't.
      GnRfan was the first (and only) person I ever saw threaten someone with physical violence on this website, and he had the hypocritical audacity to demand that people not call him an asshole when he was acting like and absolute asshole. He also had the domineering attitude of a true bully. If you're his “friend” Simon that says a whole lot about what kind of person you are.

    2. I agree Anon 9:34. Randy chose to be a tool. Finkle is Einhorn! Einhorn is Finkle! Simon = Randy, enough said.

    3. IF gnr is willing to change his ways,I say good luck and wish him the best.Btw that's not gnr's writing style.

    4. Am I wrong in stating that everybody on here that has ever called someone an unflattering name is a bully?
      GnR took things way to personal but I have never heard of him threaten violence against or demand anything from anybody at any time on here.

      Glass houses folks.I to wish him well.

    5. yes, I too have had my share of anger issues in the past, but I'm all better now! Hope he gets help and I also wish gnrfan well!

  26. Didn't this Warning make the rounds as a hoax couple of years ago?

    1. News to me if, but it'd make sense for authorities to issue some kind of warning since this species really does exist and people have these encounters all the time unreported or not. Sooner or later they'll have to say something on it to save face, I think they've been unsure before how to handle it when the species clearly isn't ape but intelligent hominin.

  27. No government organization would reveal anything on Bigfoot unless it becomes widely accepted. I would have to say this is a hoax...

    1. This isn't coming directly from the Government.

  28. Okay, I called the Inyo NF office, and they said it is a hoax, but add that "It looks quite official" and that someone called and was quite upset because they had family camping there.
    -J Anon

    1. Thank you, J. Exactly what the boy who cried wolf should have waited to do this morning.

  29. I think i might have seen this before. Can't say for sure, but I'm fairly certain i saw it or something similar in Washington state.

    1. Does look a bit familiar yes, maybe from a Bigfoot book, but it's much how the info will eventually look anyway.

  30. I spoke with the NFS and they said that it was a hoax. The woman was in San Jose but she said she has never heard of it and thinks it was a hoax. She did admit however that she wouldn't necessarily know all of the postings in that part of the state.

  31. Damn you guys are so retarded its not even truly funny. You don't get it? If you see one, "try and take a picture". LMFAO! Yeah, that's real official sounding shit right there. I swear I hope you all never contaminate the gene pool

    1. lol, I like the "try to take a picture part" the best!

    2. Same idiot who calls everybody retards! Really ? Grow up . You are the largest stain in the gene pool! Please don't have children anon 12:04!

    3. Anon 1:11,

      You believed it. You're so pathetic. You ate it right up, as usual. You degenerate, I blame your parents for not being as smart as the average human. You really couldn't tell that was a fake warning? I mean "try and take a picture" didn't give it away? Please don't breed you retarded ape. Anon 12:59 is a smart guy. Try and be more like him, moron.

  32. Replies
    1. Anyone with a phone can just call up the Forest Service and not need Snopes. So ... this is ridiculous, as if we don't have enough Bigfoot hoaxes, now we have bulletin hoaxes. What's next, someone manufacturing a Bigfoot poop hoax?

  33. Hoax! this bulletin does not exist.

    1. Anon 3:56,

      Drink Drano, please do the human race a favor.

  34. We have a Bigfoot crossing sign on Pikes Peak her in Colorado. Tell me they havent sen these things.

  35. It's obviously fake. That's clearly not a bigfoot in the drawing on this poster.

    1. And NO right margin, not typical of any Gov't printing, obviously a fake, but bring a smile to all that have seen it!

    2. No, it's a Sasquatch in the poster drawing.

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  56. September 1,2013
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  80. I have been in this area and have never seen this sign nor do I know of anyone that also frequents this area and has seen this sign. I first came into the Sierra Nevada Range as a Marine going through Mountain Warfare/Survival School in the early 80's and have been throughout its 400 mile range from north to south and have never seen this sign anywhere nor do I know of anyone who has also experienced the Sierras that has. We can lay this to rest as BS. Please pass this on and Carry on.
    Sierra Sasquatch

  81. Whoever wrote that it was on Owens road is incorrect. The road to BP campgrounds is not Owens.
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