Spanish Fork, Utah Witnesses Gives Incredible Description of Bigfoot After Minutes Long Sighting

In September 2005, a couple decided to drive up to Covered Bridge Canyon near the southeast corner of Maple Mountain in Utah to look at fall leaves. After viewing the other side of the canyon for a bit, the husband and wife started to feel like they were being watched. When the two got back into their jeep, the husband saw a "big fast black hairy object" in the corner of his eye. The man looked up at his wife and the woman was frozen. She told her husband she was watching this creature the whole time while she was sitting in the jeep.

According to the witnesses, they said that it was squatting before it ran. The husband said that even while it was running it remained squatted down, making it appear to be only three or four feet high though he could tell it was actually taller than that.

Here's the report from the BFRO's website:

YEAR: 2005
MONTH: September
DATE: second week wed night
COUNTY: Utah County
LOCATION DETAILS: Sterling Hollow Trailhead, by Covered Bridge Canyon, southeast corner of Maple Mountain
NEAREST TOWN: Spanish Fork, Utah

OBSERVED: Ok my wife and i decided to look at the fall leaves in covered brige canyon just off highway 6 about five minutes up spanish fork canyon. Instead of parking off the side of the road i decide to drive the short way up to the sterling hollow trailhead, so i get to the trail head and turn the jeep around so we could veiw the other side of the canyon. We decide to get out and we are standing in front of the jeep talking quietly, and my wife says she wants to sit in the jeep so i ask her why and she says she dont feel good about standing there, i had also noticed that uneasy feeling and agreed.

I opened the passenger door for her then went around to the driver side and got in. I found the keys and started to start the jeep when i looked at my wife who was staring at the small gassy flat. I turned the key and a big fast black hairy object made me turn my head to the left, and i saw it run very fast into the thick oak trees. It looked about 6 feet tall hunched over, but it covered alot of ground fast. I saw it for only a few seconds. I looked at my wife, she sat frozen and i knew what i saw ( i thought it was a bigfoot) so i asked my wife if it was a bear she said no so i asked if it was a moose she said no so i asked if it was a black cow and she said it was a hairy bigfoot. She said she had watched it the whole time after i let her in the jeep and got in myself till i started the jeep, and she said it was a bigfoot.

I hightailed it out of there and returned at dark with hunting equipment to track it, but only found where it went through the oak, the leaves were deep and the bank was torn up. i have been a avid hunter my whole life it was not any animal known to me, i know it was not a bear moose, elk ,cow,or anything i have ever seen.

ALSO NOTICED: before the sighting we were standing in front of the jeep looking at the leaves in coveredbrige canyon,i felt uneasy like something was watching me and i was right, when i saw it.
OTHER WITNESSES: yes my wife was stareing into its eyes as it was hunkered down in the flat.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: Just 1 hour before dark , the light was very bright.
ENVIRONMENT: montanious flat with oak trees surrounding the flat terraced like flats with oaktree borders.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Chad Hamblin:

The submitter of the report said that his wife has no idea how long she stared at the creature, but that it seemed like it was quite a few minutes. He said that it was squatting and then ran. He said that even when it ran it was squatted down, making it appear only three or four feet high, though he could tell it was actually taller than that. He estimated it to be anywhere from five to eight feet tall. The submitter also said that the creature had Blackish-brown hair about six inches long, but added that for him the thing looked like a quick black blur. He said he's a hunter and has seen elk and other animals, and that this was faster than anything else he's ever seen. He said there's a thick grove of oak there and that above them was another flat, with yet another flat above that. He said the creature ran up the mountain – headed for the oaks.

After talking to the submitter of the report I was also able to talk to his wife. She talked about being too freaked-out to move or say anything. She said the creature had a total human shape, but covered with hair, and she said it looked more human than the bigfoots she's seen on TV – with the ones on TV looking more ape-like. She added that it was bigger than a man. The creature was a big dark spot in the fall colors.

The witness said she will not forget the experience. To me it seemed like she's really conflicted about the experience - not wanting to believe she saw what she saw, but that having no choice because she definitely saw it, and actually stared at it for quite some time. She said her kids laugh about her experience and other people make fun about it as well. I really think more people would talk about their bigfoot experiences if other people didn't respond that way.

Some of the physical characteristics reported by the witness are as follows: it had straight, dark brown hair all over the body, including on the ears, but shorter on the face than elsewhere. The nose was barely visible because of the hair. It had dark lips and you couldn't see the teeth. The head was shaped more like a human head than a gorilla's head. No neck was visible because of the long facial hair. When it moved it looked like it was hunched over, trying to run but stay hidden. It's legs looked different than a bear's legs, with what appeared to be feet rather than paws.

The witness evidently did a sketch of what she saw but no longer knows where the sketch is.

I feel this is a particularly valuable report because the primary witness was able to see the creature for such a long time and at such close range. I am convinced that both witnesses are credible and saw the things they reported seeing.


  1. Awesome story...I would love to see one for myself like that.

  2. From what I've read on sightings, this one is different than most.
    People can say what they will about the BFRO, but I think their follow up reports are in depth.
    I was out today visiting a location of two previous sightings that were reported to the BFRO. The descriptions were clear enough that I believe I was within a mile of those locations.
    The interesting part is one sighting was in '95 and the other in '03. I'm willing to bet the sightings took place within 2 miles of each other, yet the database does not link these 2 together as corroborating each other.
    I do think the BFRO investigates these sighting reports seriously.

    1. You are so right SasquaiNation. The Bfro has some qualified researchers (just read their individual profiles and credentials) that do a pretty good job. The ones I have met are very dedicated to their work.

      By the way you said this one is different than most. Could you expose on this. I always like to know what you think.

      Thanks Chuck

    2. Alpha:

      What makes anyone a qualified researcher?

      I would say there are none. Noone has proven bigfoot. Those researchers with 40 years "work" in the field and those with 1 week watching youtube videos. Theres no difference between them. Both have nothing.

    3. Hi Chuck, I thought it was different because of the duration of the sighting and that she said it was hunched. Perhaps it was on all fours, who knows. She also said it had more of a human shaped head as opposed to a gorilla. She further mentions that it looked nothing like anything on T.V. at the time.
      If her encounter was a hoax, I would think she'd draw from what's available on mainstream media.
      It's only my opinion, I found her story to be believeable.

    4. Those are all good points SN. Since you were out today does that mean you'll have video up soon? I'll be watching for it.

    5. Hi Blondie, always nice to see you here.
      I actually have 5 parts from my outing today.
      I would've had 6 but Bandit was dragging me around and getting tangled in his leash. As a result of that the video is very shaky so I don't know if it's viewable.
      He was happy go lucky, then he stopped, looked across the creek and started growling. All the hair on his back was standing up and he wouldn't take his eyes from where he was looking. I tried to record where he was looking but I didn't see anything.
      I'll upload it as private and see if the YT stabilizer helps it.
      I usually don't edit or alter my videos but this one is 12 minutes. Would hate to waste it.

    6. Great SN,Can't wait.That's very interesting about Bandit. He's gonna be a great guard dog if he doesn't wear you out in the meantime. LOL

    7. Fair enough SN. Each long sighting adds more intrigue and pieces to the puzzle. I really like the one posted in Oct. 2011 in Douglas County, MO from the hunter that viewed one for at least 15 minutes through a scope.

      I wonder what your dog was sensing. Something might have been out there. My dog will get like this in my back yard though when something is out of place, even if it is a ball.


    8. Looking forward to yout new video, SN! Glad to hear you've been back out in the field!

    9. Burden of Proof: a qualified researched knows how to get more detailed information without leading the witness. It has nothing to do with proving bigfoot exists or knowing all about them.

  3. Cool encounter would like to see that sketch thanks for posting this encounter Shawn

  4. With all these sightings, you'd think we'd have some physical evidence by now. Geez.

    1. Yes. This could be a 100% fictious story. There's no way to tell.

    2. If you mean foot and hand casts, hair, saliva, audio, eyewitness, etc. as "some evidence" has already been collected. The only missing piece is a corpse. Geez.

    3. Wow, we have casts, hair, saliva, and audio that's scientifically confirmed to have some from a new species of bipedal ape on the North American continent? I'm sure you have countless citations you can link to demonstrating this, right?

      ; )

    4. Actually, that would be a fun compilation... Take all the samples that were submitted by Monster Quest, etc... for testing that came back "no known animal/unknown primate" and glean for any consistencies in the reports.
      Maybe someone with more free time than myself will read this. ;)
      David from the PAC/NW

    5. I've yet to see a credible report of "unknown primate" DNA. You mention "all the samples" but can you link to one single credible DNA analysis yielding "unknown primate"??

    6. I think 451 must be blind for not seeing credible reports anywhere, as well as stupid for being here in the first place if so defensively skeptical. It's actually quite funny.

    7. We do have some physical evidence. Try to keep up.

    8. 451, why would anyone provide you with the info when all you want to do is ridicule them? Anyone who is actually interested in the subject knows all about it already. Do some research of your own if you give a shit, instead of just stopping here and nowhere else online.

    9. 4:19 and 12:40 are dumbasses for lashing out. Skepticism does not equal blind. If you fools want to put your faith in hair, toenail and saliva samples...go for it. People have a right to be skeptical especially over the questionable "evidence" that you two koolaide drinkers tend to support. How the hell do you get saliva if you can't get a decent frigging pic of the beast? Quit being jackasses you two.

    10. 4:12...include your own stupid ass in that lot as well.

    11. More claims of evidence yet zero to back them up... I'm noticing a pattern here...

      "We have physical evidncr

    12. "We have physical evidence but all you'd do is mock is..." "We have physical evidence but go do your own research" etc...

      In other words, you have no verifiable physical data, just baseless claims. Typical.

  5. What was the distance between the observers and the creature?

  6. Vague, broad, ambiguous and does not follow. It bores me to go into detail but I leave you with this...

    "returned at dark with hunting equipment to track it"

    Hunting equipment - okay then... I wonder what hunting equipment might be. I never have used or heard of that term or phrase. B.S. FLAG! Credible, hahahahahaha

    1. "He said he's a hunter and has seen elk and other animals, and that this was faster than anything else he's ever seen."

      Elk have an average running speed of over 40MPH. The fastest ape on the planet (humans) have a top speed of less than 30MPH. Also, bigfoots are alleged to have a mid-tarsal break, which would most likely hinder their speed.

      If this bigfoot was the fastest thing he's ever seen, it means that bigfoot can travel in excess of 40MPH, and with a mid-tarsal break... that's a pretty impressive claim. Some would say it's highly unlikely.

    2. Please, explain how a flexible foot would be a disadvantage... Seems like more "spring" in your step could be a benifit. Apes have trouble due to their hips.
      David from the PAC/NW

    3. The fastest human is under 30 mph, but the average human runs at 11 mph. Gorillas on the other hand can run at 20 mph but can go as fast as 25 mph for short distances.
      You are correct with the elk speed of 40 mph +.

    4. But if it was squatting down while it ran, it would be running on all fours, couldn't that account for the speed?

    5. Some have suggested that sasquatch do this for quick bursts of speed. I've only seen one video that shows this and the difference is amazing.
      This is assuming it's actually a sasquatch and not some sort of hoax or digital manipulation with the video.

    6. If it was a large, browning/blackish creature running on all fours, it was a bear.

    7. Some drivers have clocked these creatures in excess of 40 mph. When you realize how they are built and compare them to modern day sprinters who build a very muscular frame, this speed seems quite reasonable. These creatures are built for speed and endurance.


    8. So the wife stared at it for minutes and didn't realize she was looking at a bear?

    9. Good point. It's much more reasonable to believe that a mythical 8' 600lbs apeman inhabits Utah than a person misidentified a bear. What was I thinking?

    10. And that's assuming this report is credible. There's absolutely to reason to believe that the sighting even happened.

    11. You were thinking how shitty your life must be to want to comment on peoples stories about mythical apemen.

    12. Haha, you guys are too much... it's Sunday night, lighten up :)

    13. How shitty is your life to believe every bullshit story that comes out.

    14. No one believes every story. 451 believes no one. If the woman had seen a bear she'd said so, they're very recognizable by their canine shaped snouts.

    15. If she was staring at it for "quite a few minutes", i am 100% sure she would have recognized it as a bear. She mentions it was more human-like, unless she saw Yogi the Bear, this was not a bear.

      However, you would be Moneymaker-crazy to expect evidence or proof in an eye-witness report anyway. I do enjoy reading the A-B sightings and such, and for the most part, i am with them seeing the same thing, but when the report ends, so does my imagination.

  7. Love these reports. One thing we can thank Matt MoneyMaker for is BFRO and their sighting database. SWP

    1. ANd that data base has some awesome reports in it... Even if only one of the reports was true, it would mean sasquatch is a real living, breathing thing.

    2. I like Bigfoots too but not that way.

    3. I will take it anyway I can.
      Sharon Lee

    4. Wait, that was me..I guess I can go play with myself.


  8. Not a single mention of what approximate distance.

  9. What's so interesting is that these types of "really human looking" reports are pretty common, and yet as the witness says, "the Bigfoots on TV are shown more apelike."
    Stranger still is that the Bigfoots dipicted on TV seem to generate from the same folks who brought us the BFRO Reports and Findg Bigfoot. A month ago the BFRO website still labled Bigfoots as Apes.
    I don't get the dissconnet between their data and spin.

    1. Agendas. The more this Monkeymaker says Bigfoots are apes the longer we'll have to deal with the gun nuts too.

      TV portrays the species as some enormous howling demon and when you think about it almost like the Incredible Hulk or a cartoon superhero. It's all about ratings.

      No wonder many mainstream scientists appear skeptical on the surface, they should be ecstatic and all over this subject for its importance given the numerous reports.

      It really makes you think why there's this almost hush-hush from authorities and how that situation doesn't appear natural, that is where you should be skeptical not whether this new hominin species exists because de facto it does.

  10. Maybe Arla can perform a vulcan mind meld on a steaming squatch dump.

  11. Great "investigation." How far away was it?


    Here's the original link. Maybe some of the people here who are so worried about the "how far away was it?" question could contact the BRFO interviewer and ask him that question. Perhaps he can find out?

    I would surmise the wife got a pretty good look at it based on the description and length of time she spent staring at it so it couldn't have been too far away.

    But then again do we know if she wore glasses or not and then if she were farsighted or nearsighted or maybe not wearing glasses at all?

    I suppose if so she might need to have an eye exam for some to consider the validity of her story? Hmmmm?

  13. Fun read! We can spend hours reading the awesome reports in the BFRO database.

    1. I like reading works of fiction as well for hours like the Bible.

    2. Agreed. The Bible is a great read and artful fiction laced with 'some' fact. Some of the most beautiful prose and poetry are within the cover. After all these years, I still do not hesitate to pick it up and read great writing (in period context).

    3. Yet another gaggle of comments aimed at belittling anyone and everyone who has had an encounter with something that was unusual. Thanks so much for calling us liars. Truth is the truth even if you don't believe it. We don't actually mind if you have an opinion, just don't be rude and crude.

  14. Leave us alone 451, you are the king(or queen )of the idiots.

    1. 451 is a simpleminded attention whore best thing is to ignore a troll like that, plenty of good people here know what they're talking about.

    2. I'm an expert, I need a drink and arub down with bacon grease.
      Sharon Lee

  15. Rick Dyer - - best and most ethical Bigfoot tracker of all time. SWP - crabbiest, rudest whiner of all time. Rick Dyer for president.

    1. I'm not a real researcher, but I play one on you tube. And I approve this message.

  16. "451 is a simpleminded attention whore best thing is to ignore a troll like that, plenty of good people here know what they're talking about."

    I greet you from Turkey. You are right; they jump on every info and try to debunk them. And they disrespect tribal peoples who have the knowledge about the Sasquatch.

    1. Thank you kindly. I wonder if there's beings like the Sasquatch in Turkey? I believe there's plenty of wilderness and mountains there but I've never heard of such stories from this region (?), perhaps a species of the Almas type if they're in Russia why not in Turkey.

  17. "i had also noticed that uneasy feeling"

    "it covered a lot of ground fast"

    "i have been a avid hunter my whole life it was not any animal known to me"

    What do these quotes have in common with 90% of BF reports.

    C'mon now, what about the rock throwing? You gotta include rock throwing in your report to make it believable. Or maybe they could've said it yelled like a lion and elephant combined, much more believable.

    Is there a Random Bigfoot report generator somewhere?

    1. For those of us who actually get outside into the woods, it becomes obvious that all common animals (bear, deer, etc,) generally have the same mannerisms, act the same, react the same to people, etc. Why would this be so different with a Bigfoot? People generally react te same way too. If you had a shred of common sense you would already know this.

  18. Funny how some skeptics here seem to be experts on bigfoot in order to shoot down possibilities and evidence while simultaneously telling others that they are not experts on a mythical being...

  19. i believe this story to be legit

  20. Thank you kindly. I wonder if there's beings like the Sasquatch in Turkey? I believe there's plenty of wilderness and mountains there but I've never heard of such stories from this region (?), perhaps a species of the Almas type if they're in Russia why not in Turkey.

    Hi. I'm sorry, i saw your latest message today. I hope you will see my message, too. Anyway, i have heard something about the creatures (am i offensive? ) which live here in Turkey; but i have never researched. Who knows? Maybe there are some relic Neanderthals (or Homo erectus) who resident in the Caucasus region (including my country). By the way, i haven't mentioned this topic to any researcher. But, it would be nice to be a part of a team (i know, my message is so long :) ). Best regards. Kerem Sayın from Turkey.

  21. Hi again. I want to add something about the Almasty. I saw a picture of Zana's son (i don't remember when). I was surprised because of his look. He looked like Papuans. It's strange, don't you think?

  22. That is right around the corner from me! I'll have to check out the area!

  23. A quick question: The female witness says she was looking at the subject for minutes, but how long did it take her husband to help her into the vehicle and then enter the vehicle himself? I ask because isn't it possible the time seemed longer to her than it actually was?

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