Thursday, April 19, 2012

In 1987 Abduction Case: Bigfoot Was Named Prime Suspect in Teen's Disappearance

Theresa Ann Bier
Above: Bier, circa 1987

Editor’s Note: This is a post by Bigfoot Evidence contributor Vicki W.

Native American tribes spoke of the hairy giants who lived wild in the forests, eating fish raw like bears. Some legends held that the Sasquatch people traded with villagers, while some tribal traditions recognized them as spiritual beings with special duties as caretakers of nature. But there were also tribes who taught that the sasquatch people were a threat, warning that they would abduct children that wandered away from the villages. They gathered them into baskets and took them to their lair as dinner. Other tribes feared the wild men because they were known to make off with the occasional woman, capturing her as a mate.

16 year old Theresa Ann Bier of Fresno, CA ventured into the Central Sierras on a camping trip with 43 year old Russell 'Skip' Welch back in 1987. Welch said they were searching for Bigfoot. According to Welch, Bigfoot found them instead. When he returned to Fresno without Theresa, he told authorities that she had run away from him. Later, he changed his story, claiming that the teenager had been forcibly abducted by a sasquatch. Yep, you read it right. He really did say that.

Welch was charged with Bier's abduction in 1987, but the charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence. Authorities also hoped to preserve the opportunity to try him for murder should her body ever be discovered. Searches were held in the Shuteye Peak area but turned up nothing. Unfortunately, Theresa has never been found, and no one has been brought to justice regarding her disappearance. Authorities ask anyone with information regarding the disappearance of Theresa Ann Bier to please call the Fresno, CA police at (559) 621-7000.

Theresa Ann Bier

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
  • Missing Since: June 1, 1987 from Fresno, California
  • Classification: Endangered Missing
  • Date Of Birth: April 16, 1971
  • Age: 16 years old
  • Height and Weight: 5'5, 110 pounds
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Brown hair, hazel eyes. Bier's upper front teeth protrude. She has a surgical scar on her lower right leg due to a childhood fracture. Bier's nickname is Sam.
  • Clothing/Jewelry Description: A white t-shirt, jeans and laced sandals.

Details of Disappearance
Bier resided with her family in Fresno, California in 1987. She was last seen during a camping trip with Russell Welch on June 1, 1987 in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Bier and Welch, whose nickname is Skip, camped in the area of Shuteye Peak, approximately 25 miles northeast of Bass Lake. He was 43 years old at the time. They were reportedly searching for the legendary creature known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot. Welch considered himself a "student" of the legend. Bier disappeared during the trip and has never been heard from again.

Authorities questioned Welch when he returned to Fresno several days later. He initially claimed that Bier ran away from him on June 1, then he changed his story. Welch eventually stated that Bier had been forcibly taken by Bigfoot. Welch was charged with her abduction, but the case against him was dismissed due to a lack of evidence in October 1987, more than four months after Bier disappeared. Searches of the Shuteye Peak area produced no clues as to her whereabouts. Foul play is suspected in Bier's case.

Investigating Agency
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Fresno Police Department

Source Information
California Attorney General's Office
The Fresno Bee
The Daily News Of Los Angeles



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  2. What kind of parents did Teresa have that let a 16 yr old girl go camping with a strange 43 year old man ?

    1. Thought the same thing! And wearing sandals in the woods? I suspect it was probably a UFO that is behind this mystery.

    2. No doubt! There is no possible way I would allow my daughter to go ANYWHERE with a man. I'll promise you one thing, after the police got through questioning that sucker, he'd have gotten a free ride back to the mountains where he would get to say goodbye to his bodyparts very slowly starting with the extremities and least necessary ones until he decided to remember what he did with my little girl and where he put her. Then, after I found her, I would end his suffering & let the predators clean up the mess.

    3. I'm a hour away from Fresno and they are not the sharpest tools in the shed up that way. Sad that a family let a 16 yr old go camp with a 43 yr old. Just sad.....

    4. I agree, that tool would be in a world of hurt up to ten seconds after he told me. Then a dirt nap.

  3. This is not a story about bigfoot! This is a story about a murdering pedophile!!!! WHY would you include this in a blog about bigfoot???? Any man who is 20+ yrs senior to his "girlfriend" is a pedophile! Im starting to not understand this blog at all!

    1. Oh lighten up, this is just a change of pace, feel good story.

    2. Feel Good Story???? ARE YOU KIDDING???

    3. You really should avoid commenting when you're on your period, anon 5:27.

    4. Yeah I was kidding you dumbass

  4. This is a cautionary tale...Young ladies dont go looking for bigfoot with 40+yr old pervs!

  5. i think that old dude killed her! someone get the bigfoot a good civil lawyer! he can file a lawsuit against that preverted old pig for defamation!

    1. I had considered civil litigation against the older gentleman for alleging that I had anything to do with the disappearance of his young lady friend. However; after much thought and consideration I realized that sueing this man would not help to bring this girl back and it would cause even more attention to be brought to me.

      Lately, it seems that I am starting to become more and more mainstream and no longer simply thought of as a legend or campfire story. My recent success in the beef jerky commercials, Finding Me, er-uh, I mean Bigfoot, and the coolers named after my cousin the Yeti have essentially caused me and the rest of my clan to have to stay on the run hiding from people like that Fa-sano guy or the BoBo.

      I see myself coming into some easy money soon after the release of these documentaries and DNA results. I plan on waiting until then to get an attorney. I have a whole laundry list of people who have been using my name to get rich. They had better get ready to open their check book.

      Peace out,

      Sasquatch a.k.a wild man of the woods

  6. Someone need to make a movie about this romantic tale.

  7. Didn't David Paulides make a whole book about this kind of BS?

    1. Paulides looks like an old school porn star.

    2. Try reading the book, see if it still sounds like BS.

    3. Missing 411 series is the most comprehensive study of missing peoples in our national wild lands. He does not indicate that Big foot is responsible or anything else. He just writes about cases that don't fit logical sequences

    4. The Missing411 series is NOT comprehensive ! and David would be the first to admit that.
      The cases he takes on fit a specific ''sub" criteria and so are definitely not comprehensive. The cases he takes an interest in are thoroughly well examined and presented, but the word comprehensive does not apply.
      A "comprehensive" study of missing persons would examine "ALL" cases and not a protocol of taking an interest in specific cases only qualified by limited criteria.

  8. Who's that I see walking in these Woods?...why it's Little Red Riding Hood!

    Yes, yes I know, I'm a Big Bad Wolf, but now under the new environmental laws, I'm a protected species.

    So tell you what, instead of going to Grandma's house
    we'll go on a Bigfoot Hunt okay? What? Oh yes, of course, I'm sure it will be okay with your Grandmother.

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  9. you jack asses are missing the point here some where there is a young woman that has come to some kind of very bad end to her life and has a family out there with a hole where there daughter was at one time maybe you should read this stuff before you press publish and post you very bad jokes about such a horrifing ordeal for this young lady what the hell is wrong with some of you really hope people that check out this sight dont think thats what all here are like its a shame

  10. Shawn should delete this! This is an insult to her family and friends! I would hate to know my loved ones death is being laughed and joked about! Some of you commenters on here really need to go get some help for your stupidity!

  11. I agree with the two posts above.

    Sick joking on something like this?
    Since when did the /b/tards discover this blog?

  12. but in reality, what if its true? maybe she was carried off by sasquatch, wouldnt be the first time that happened. the human female shows up in the mitocondrial dna results.

  13. In the early 1990's. the writer Ron Carlson wrote a book of short stories titled PLAN B FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS. In that book were two stories y'all might find interesting: "bigfoot Stole My Wife" and "I Am Bigfoot."

  14. God people, Chill.. The story is obviously here because it involves "Bigfoot". I do not rule out the possibility that this kind of thing goes on. But in this case, the guy changed his story.

    "Didn't David Paulides make a whole book about this kind of BS?" Short answer is "No". His book was more about cover-up of missing people in national forests than bigfoot. And a couple of references in it point to Dogman instead of bigfoot

    1. Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Aquaman and now Dogman....Catwoman's nemesis ?? Seriously though surely somebody could have thought of a better name.

      The world is a strange place, apparently Australia has had another run of "Black Panther" sightings/Livestock and pets killed by large cats.....and apparently it's all the fault of the American Servicemen who let their mascots (Cougars & Panthers) run loose at the end of WW2.
      Anybody know if there is any truth to this theory ??

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  32. As a pre-teen growing up in Powder Springs Ga. I lived in at the time a small neighborhood, which was surrounded by numerous square miles of undeveloped wooded land. Myself along with several friends used to spend hours exploring the woods (as kids would do) during many of out outings we would come across mutilated deer along with other wildlife.
    I've only told one other person of my face to face encounter with something that to this day I have a very difficult time speaking about. The lady I confided in several years later, happened to be a native American who explained to me what I came face to face with was something her ancestors have spoken of for generations.
    Even though its been a number of years since my experience I still have issues of being outside at night.
    The thing I seen has forever been burned in my mind.
    Even though it made no attempt to harm me, the very next day my tent was not only torn down it was literally shredded into hundreds of pieces.
    I would love to tell my full (face to face) story to the BFRO. I Do believe my very accurate description of my experience would maybe bring new light to what some call BIGFOOT and the Native Americans call Tricksters. I'm not very computer savvy. I don't have an E-Mail address but I would accept any calls from the BFRO. I Would love to give a full detailed description of my encounter. 678-448-2684

  33. That is my uncle and yes i believe fthere are big foot up here they're unexplainable footprints that aren't human and it is dangerous in the mountains. i don't know the whole story so that's all i will say.