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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Watch Matt Moneymaker Talk About His Bigfoot Encounter On Huffington Post's Weird News

In this Huffington Post interview, Matt Moneymaker and Ranae Holland sits down with Barry Weintraub and Lee Speigel of Weird News to talk about their popular TV show on Animal Planet, Finding Bigfoot.

Like the CBS interview with John Miller last January, Matt tells the same story about his encounter with a Bigfoot he had in 1994 at the Berlin Wildlife Refuge in Portage County, Ohio.

There's also a brief discussion of the Patterson-Gimlin footage where Ranae gives her take on the creature in the film.

Matt's Bigfoot encounter:

Moneymaker wants to know, too. Especially since he has a vivid memory of the early morning scary encounter he had in 1994 at the Berlin Wildlife Refuge in Portage County, Ohio.

"There were two animals -- one was much bigger than the other. It came to the tree line right behind me about 15 feet away," he recalled. "It stood there in front of me and growled. If it had been daylight or I'd had the chance to shine a light on it, I would've been able to draw the face, but it was most definitely a Sasquatch -- over 7 feet tall and it was growling at me to let me know I should leave, and I did.

"It wasn't even ferocious, but the message was real clear."

Ranae's take on Patterson-Gimlin:

And what about "Finding Bigfoot's" skeptical scientist's take on the Patterson footage?

"When you look at that film now, and I hear people talking about bulging muscles and fingers moving [see image above], those can very easily be artifacts from the film itself or from later generation copies of it," Holland suggested.

"Physical anthropologists argue both sides of the issue over whether or not it's possible for a human to recreate the walk of the Patterson Bigfoot," she continued. "There's an argument based on the film speed and the camera lens. There are so many elements of this that add to the controversy."

Holland wants compelling, overwhelming, definitive evidence of Bigfoot.

"I just want to know one way or another. Do I want it to be some prehistoric offshoot of man or an independent species, or just an undiscovered primate? First and foremost, I want to know one way or the other."

Video of interview, courtesy Bigfoot Lunch Club:



  1. I love that MM is on "Weird News". It's where he belongs. He spouts off crap like there is no tomorrow. Guess he's gotta get all he can while the gettin's good.


  3. This was good. Good job Ranae and Matt! ♥

  4. Ranae did a good job, Matt came off as kind of whacked out

  5. I believe Matt because he told the same exact story on this video:

    Maybe there's an expalnation for what happened to him, like someone playing a trick on him. Or it was a real encounter.

  6. Ranaes girlfriend was who snuck up on Matt while he was huffin gas in the woods. Also Ranae is an offshoot of a man herself.

  7. I want to have a Bigfoot encounter! Where should I go for this to happen? I live in Los Angeles.

    1. Come over to my place. I have big feet.

    2. I wear 14 4E Is that big enough for you sweetie?

  8. I believe him. He seems credible, I mean who would lie about seeing Bigfoot just to make money?

  9. Ranae was fashionably put together. Geeze Matt. Go buy
    a suit!

  10. Did he tell about his filing bankruptcy?

  11. Since December various BFRO members wondered who was feeding the lies about MM to Lindsay and Smeja.

    The person behind the campaign is none other former New Jersey bureaucrat Mike "Squeaky" Greene. Greene has been anonymously repeating those lies in the comments of this blog as well.

    Mike Greene had a beef with MM some time ago when MM refused to let Greene use the BFRO site to swindle people into paying $2 for a single viewing of his "Squeaky" thermal clip. Greene was banking on a windfall from people repeatedly paying $2 to watch his unfocused thermal footage over and over. MM wouldn't allow it, because it was a ripoff scheme, pure and simple, even if the footage was legit.

    A year later Greene wanted to be part of the Finding Bigfoot series. He was interviewed by a talent scout for Animal Planet but he was not chosen as one of the four leads. It was a huge disappointment for Greene, because he spent a lot of money for a facelift surgery in Costa Rica, in preparation for being in the TV series.

    Greene's latest hopeful scheme involved his plan to write a book about the "Sierra Kills" story. Without even knowing Greene's involvement with Smeja and the Sierra Kills story, MM discredited the story, and thereby sunk another one of Greene's fantasies. That set Greene on the war path and ramped up his smear campaign against MM.

    A few weeks ago Mike Greene was ejected from the BFRO for trashing another BFRO member -- a bigfoot researcher in Wisconsin who is supported by Wally Hersom. Wally has been supporting that Wisconsin BFRO member and his wife for years now. Mike Greene wanted Wally's backing for himself, but he had already alienated himself from Wally because of his vicious (envy-driven) hatred for the Wisconsin researcher.

    Wally chose to support and defend the Wisconsin researcher when the guy had legal problems. That drove Greene batty, and set him on a mission to turn everyone against the Wisconsin researcher ... as if that would influence Wally's decision to support him.

    Greene's latest devious campaign is to turn people against MM. Greene is doing that by propagating false rumors about him, though Greene has been cultivating those rumors for a while now, according to many BFRO people. That's why they are so certain he is the one feeding info to Robert Lindsay.

    There's a multi-fold purpose for what Greene is trying to do. He hopes the rumors will cause MM problems with Animal Planet, and cause problems with members of the BFRO, and especially with any other prospective financial backers of the BFRO. Greene wants everyone to hear the false rumors he spreads, and to be scared off by them. If he can undermine support for the MM and the BFRO ... then some support might come his way. That's the hope anyway ...

    As for the Wisconsin BFRO researcher supported by Wally ... a few years ago the guy's step-daughter made allegations against him regarding sexual abuse. The court would not appoint a public defender for the guy so he got convicted. Wally and MM believed the guy, and his wife, and their side of the story. Wally paid for the guy's legal defense after that, and it has not been cheap.

    As Wally spent even more money in the direction of the Wisconsin researcher, Greene went almost insane with jealousy and hatred. To say he was "green with envy" would be a huge understatement. Greene is obsessively fixated on that Wisconsin researcher, trying to destroy him any way possible.

    Recently Greene began telling people, among other things, that MM is "protecting a child molester" ... because MM (and Wally) still believed the guy is innocent and was railroad by a state court. It was yet another futile attempt to prevent money from being spent in the direction of the Wisconsin researcher ... money which might go toward Greene, or so Greene hopes.

    1. Hey Matt, just use ur real name next time.

  12. Hey Shawn,
    Do you seek MM's approval and wish to be one of his yes-men?

    Hey MM,
    What "lies" and "false rumors" in this "devious campaign" do you speak of?

    Hey MM,
    Why has your "sighting" been such a secret until recently?

    Hey MM,
    Why are you so afraid to openly answer honest questions?

  13. I was so surprised to find out Ranae was a lesbian. She looks so feminine. lol

  14. Matt repeats the big lie which is, 2000 to 6000 total population of Sasquatch in the U.S.

    No. There are at least 6000 in every county in my home State. Multiply that times every county in the country, and then you will be much closer to the total population.

    Patty was 6'7" tall, says Matt. What happened to 7'-4" from Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science? Where is he getting these numbers?

    Bigfoot and Man don't want to have anything to do with each other? No There would be no habituations, if that were true. They only like people that the trust.