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'Project Sasquatch' Creator Joe Mastroianni Says His Show Will Be Better Than Not 'Finding Bigfoot'

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Damian Bravo, a Sasquatch believer. You can join Damian's group Sasquatch Lives? on Facebook and the group's official page at

Many of us in the Sasquatch community watch Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” with mixed reviews. Some like it and find the show entertaining but others in the community, people who are very passionate about the existence of Sasquatch, feel that the show should be called ‘Not Finding Bigfoot”. They believe the program insults their belief regarding the creatures’ existence.

If you did not know by now, there is a new show related to the finding and discovery of Sasquatch being produced called “Project Sasquatch” by Continuity and production director of, Joe Mastroianni.

I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Mastroianni and ask him some questions about what “Project Sasquatch” will bring to viewers and how it will be different than Matt Moneymakers “Finding Bigfoot”.

My Questions:

I would like to know about when you decided to create the project; was it a personal sighting or did something about Sasquatch interest you so much that it became a passion for you?

When is the project due to air and who will be the team members on the show?

What do you think about “Finding Bigfoot” and how they play out the quest for finding the creature?

Joe Mastroianni Answer:

I have always been an armchair Bigfooter being from Boston. Big fan of Dr. Meldrum. I was watching "NOT" Finding Bigfoot....When they left a thermal scene (come to find out CREW MEMBER) and went 30 mi away to interview someone I was livid...I also had in the back of my mind ..Our site would be great for a network of cameras... So I got in touch with Jeff, and I hit it off. Oddly we are on the same page, and really want to put out a show that is informative, REAL, and entertaining for everyone. We are normal people just trying to do a job. I hope we can provide proof for you, and will not mislead you into thinking there will be a (I cringe when I say this) "SQUATCH" around the commercial break.

The Dr. and I have been working on this since last May, if that tells you we want a great product, and we are serious about our show, investigating, and legitimacy.

Myself (northeast), Jeff(northwest). Stacy Brown and Matt Roberts (southeast) are my investigating team(lol, must wait until the show for explanation of "my/Jeff's team")...Jeff will have two people TBA... And at some point we will have two more (part? timers)> TBA much later.

We will have our first video presentation, a four minute teaser first week (ish) of April.

12/12/12 is the air date. We must get one show in before the end of the world, lol. Get a cable to your tv.

It is time to show the only game in town (FBft), what their motives are. Go to their wall they do not pay attention to, nor their fans. So...if you compare their show to Matt's organization (BFRO)....What does this audience think? Time to go away. They have no idea what they are dealing with, with me... Good luck.

Finding Bigfoot: my first answer should tell you how I feel about their show. My review below at My prediction in it still stands.. Not worried either. (Jeff, myself) We make a deadly team for a show.

I Don't Think There's A Sasquatch In These Woods. Review Finding Bigfoot Show.

This is from JoeShow with permission to reprint. JoeShow and possibly Jeff Meldrum will be appearing on The Church Of Mabus in April 2012. I've never seen this show before but I found the review amusing nonetheless. What do you think of Finding Bigfoot?

"I dont think there's a squatch in these woods."

A review of the first 8 minutes of Finding Bigfoot "Further Evidence" on Animal Planet by JoeShow

This review is soley the opinion of the creator of Project Sasquatch: JoeShow, not Dr. Meldrum or CyberStationUSA.I watched this show with the intent on pointing out that this is not a very good hour of television and they will never find anything. I only needed the first 8 minutes. I feel you are being duped to basically watch some commercials. Below are the pop ups during the broadcast and quotes from the first 8 minutes only! on the show. I urge you to watch with this episode email at hand, I believe your "eyes" will open that this show is terrible and fraudulent...Keep in mind they never stay on the scene. Pop ups : Awful useless information and attempts at comedy. These 14 pop ups out of 23 (in order first 8 minutes) are useless and or very dumb.

@1 Moneygrubber: "Keep watching to see what we think of this episode"....more commercials Matt? What are we hanging in there for exactly?

@2 Ranae pop up "I was hoping to visit these Petroglyphs (in Georgia) But the schedule did not allow" . Thats funny because LATER in the episode they had time for kareoke and drinks (later pop up). Gotcha....What is more important here?

@3. Matt " what a surprise she thinks its a hoax" > Is this their attempt at comedy?

@4. Bobo (on guest in trooper car); "She was reluctant at first to come forward" . Did you threaten her BFRO?

@5 Ranae (on guest in trooper car) "Adorable grandson, quite the charmer" Um who cares? Another attempt at comedy? No material I assume.

@6 Moneygrubber : " Notice how deer can easily hop a fence" Thank you Matt useless info.

@7 Moneygrubber : (on ranae being crazy) "You might be crazy anyway" Really? Another attempt at comedy? Two thumbs up for making your colleague look like an idiot.

@8 Ranae: "we were very lucky to have guardrail and lane dividers for scale" As if trees and anything else in any video cannot be used.

@9 Moneygrubber: "Bobo likes to be the Bigfoot". Please stick to not finding anything instead of comedy from now on.
@10 Ranae:(on Bobo liking to be the Bigfoot) " And how have you been training your whole life for this role": Please NO MORE COMEDY.

@11 Moneygrubber: "Ranae's father was a stunt driver" Like 95% of this show, useless information.

@12 Cliff: " I had an opportunity to run in front of car...was frightening" Duh....

@13 Cliff: " A car looks like its going 155 mph" I cant take it anymore.

@14 Bobo: "When we were kids we streaked......" Useless information and comedy? Does Animal Planet watch this show? Really? Have I proven ths show sucks yet, it is only the first 8 minutes.

Quotes or lines said in the first 8 minutes of the show.

" I think there's a squatch in these woods" (moneygrubber) Then stop leaving the scene.

"As the team closes in on the truth" (announcer) They have have had many seasons now.

Bobo " I've seen them they are here" Well why havent you put one on the show.

Bobo "I cant say from the video if it was a Sasquatch or a person in a costume" Gee thanks, thats pretty much every video except Patty.

Police cam reenactment scene, right before(they get to it.... with the fearless crew of BFRO). Describing what they are about to do: Is a complete waste of time. We know all this information already.

Cliff (on re-enactment) "we hope to get a feel for the size of creature etc etc and where it was going to " We saw on the video where it went, thanks buddy, and it is most likely not there anymore Cliff.

Bobo: " I am glad we came here in the daytime so we can exactly see what we are supposed to do" Thank you again...useless information.

This is not Sasquatch Investigation. Something much better is on the way 12/12/12 Real investigation, and we will (unlike achem FINDING? Bigfoot) do much better with the comedy..That is a guarantee.

The next season is already finished taping. In the Digital Revolution, information is instant, not in episode 8. I confidently predict that no Sasquatch will be found.


Check Out Project Sasquatch: Click here

We all know that not everyone is a fan of “Finding Bigfoot” with over 1.5 million viewers since its initial season, it has received mix reviews and ratings on sites like “IMDB”, below are some of the reviews:

So bad, it's mesmerizing., 29 June 2011
4/10 Stars
Author:intrepidami from United States

They go into an area. They interview witnesses. In many cases they have a little town meeting. Now they triangulate their favorite interviews and try to pick a spot in the middle. So far they have heard tree knocks, howls, walking, whistling and talking. The last two things were very recently mentioned, and instead of being evidence of people in the woods, were presented as evidence of Bigfoots too! There is no anti evidence! Everything is proof! There's a dissenter, they give her 15 seconds to say she doesn't agree, and then show at length the other three dismissing her viewpoint. You just know if the show continues another season, they'll insert Matt saying "Not her again, look.." right after she questions something.

They have personal cameras on their faces. They have hand held heat signature cameras. They have at least two camera people filming them. This stuff is par for the course in TV ghost hunting. But there's a big difference between hunting animals and ghosts. In ghosts, there's a specific area usually no bigger than a warehouse where there's lots of activity. In looking for animals, the animal might wander miles, upon miles and try to avoid humans. This is why most shows pick an area and lay Camera traps. But this show isn't really about finding anything. It's about making four people the Beatles of Bigfoot hunting.

They sort of act like forests everywhere are teeming with Bigfoots. Unlike shows like Ghost hunters where they occasionally tell people they didn't find anything, you get the feeling these guys could go into Central Park NYC and come away convinced they found some.

Also, that town meeting they have would alert fakers from miles around it's time to start some faking! They're not exactly stealthily blowing into town, are they?

Another comparison to Ghost Hunters is you'll have the two lead investigators almost always temper any beliefs with "it's believed that", or "it's theorized" On this show it's "We know" or It's been proved" and very often even "I discovered" or "I was the first...".

What they have proved is that Ego maniacs do indeed wander the forests of North America!

It is great TV! A modern day Ahab shows up with his crew and looks for the great White Bigfoot. Yelling and screaming, and declaring himself master of all.

More fiction than reality, 15 June 2011
1/10 Stars
Author:dbusack from United States

This is another attempt at a show that has the potential to be good, but fails due to bending evidence to match preconceived ideas. Why do I say this? Here is an example: In the first show, one of the researchers does a "sasquatch call". They say, it sounds just like a Squatch! In the next show, the "sasquatch call" sounds completely different. Not a little bit, but entirely 180 degrees different. The first call was deep sounding. The second sounded like a man with his privates in a bear trap! The comment after the second call, "Wow, that sounded exactly like a Squatch!".

My biggest problem with this is, how can they say this is how a completely unproven creature sounds? Next, in every show they manage to find a "Squatch" with the thermal cams. Now if this is true, why in the world would they not set out camera traps to try to get a conclusive photo??? Thermal cams are VERY expensive! You could buy a boat load of motion sensor game cams for the same price. I believe the reason they do not employ them is it would cause crew members to be photographed too often posing as a Bigfoot.

This is another show going down the same road as UFO Hunters - Don't confuse me with the facts, I already know everything.

Waste of time.

We hope that “Project Sasquatch” will bring a new level of quality reality TV concerning Sasquatch. So many in the community feel that “Finding Bigfoot” is not really providing relevant information nor giving the audience a better understanding of this elusive creature. In many cases the show even lacks actual scientific methods to study what they find as potential evidence. Many are still waiting to see this reality show deliver its namesake encounter.

Could “Project Sasquatch” be the show that will bring the community the true search for Sasquatch? Will Dr. Meldrum’s personal involvement in this project bring more credibility than another reality show that already has the following of millions? These questions will have to remain unanswered until the shows airdate on 12/12/2012.

Damian Bravo


  1. Good luck to "Project Sasquatch". It will be great to see something real and informative, however the entertaining part will be in the viewer's opinion. There are alot of people who watch "Finding Bigfoot" for pure entertainment.

    I'm not a big fan of the show "Finding Bigfoot" because it seems goofy to me, but you have to give it credit for drawing more attention to the research of Sasquatch! Someone has to pave the way.

    1. Someone has to pave the way, but it won't be Joe Mastroianni.

      Joe is a nobody, and he's absolutely nothing without Meldrum's involvement, but Meldrum is not going to be involved with him at all when he reads what Mastroianni wrote above. It reveals what Mastroianni is all about.

      Mastroianni is exactly the sort of person who Meldrum carefully avoids associating with, but Meldrum probably wasn't aware of it before.

      Meldrum is super cautious about who he gets involved with, especially in the field. He only works with John Mionczynski in the field, because there is simply no one better for field work.

      Meldrum is not going to work with jerks like Mastroianni, who can inadvertently and single-handedly ruin Meldrum's reputation.

      Meldrum is certainly not going to work with laughable Kurt Cobain wannabes like Stacy Brown. Meldrum will wise up about both of them before this goes much further.

  2. I can't believe Dr Meldrum would associate with this guy that cuts down a rival show.. Their show might be a big bust after the first showing. Blow hearts don't usually go anywhere.I watch Finding Bigfoot, and find it informational, they do stay in the area more than a few hours, doesn't this person know the producers tell the crew what they have to do? If not he's better be producing his show his self, because most shows want ratings first.

  3. Definately looking forward to this production. Sounds more credible to me already.

    Did I miss somewhere in the article about what network it will be airing on?

    1. Beer-Man,

      You missed that in the article ... because he didn't mention that in the article ... because he hasn't arranged anything with an actual TV network yet.

      Apparently he has zero TV experience so no TV network will even review his proposal or his pitch. They do not have time for every big talker with a pitch but no production credits.

      This guy Joe M. is just hyping something he really wants to do, not something he actually can do.

    2. I have my own station to air it on, do research, ass.

  4. I'm personally looking forward to this. Competition is a good thing and may even get FB/AP to rethink the whole presentation and opinions, they've certainly missed the boat on the credibility of some witnesses.

  5. What a load of hot air ... This is not going to be a TV series. It's nothing but an indy video project from a blowhard who has never produced anything for TV before! He has no credits in the industry !!!

    Do you have any idea how many blowhards there are like this guy Mastroianni who have absolutely no television production credits, but who will tell you all about their grand plans to have a series on the air soon? There is no shortage of them. Plenty of them have courted Meldrum before. He won't be the last.

    This guy is producing an amateur pilot/pitch in the form of a "video presentation". In other words, it's not even going to be a real pilot. It's likely just going to be more ranting about how much better his bigfoot show is going to be.

    Because Mastroianni has no TV credits whatsoever, he has got years to go before he'd ever be taken seriously by a network that would pay him to produce a series. He has absolutely no IMDB credits except for a small acting role in a 1984 B-film.

    By the time Mastroianni gets enough TV credits and experience under his belt to be taken seriously, the era of the bigfoot hunting TV series will probably be over with.

    Don't hold yer breath for this one.

    1. I think you have nailed this one. Seems just like a guy hoping to get something going.

    2. So you're trying to defend the BFRO's TV show right? Which is REALLY a good show and is doing groundbreaking work, right? And is really giving BF research the best exposure possible, right? And you're not a BFRO member, right???

    3. I'm not defending the BFRO's show at all- I'm just agreeing that it looks like this guy is just talking right now. It's not like there is something ready to go with at this point.

    4. Hold your breath a little longer please. TYVM


  6. Looking very much forward to this show.

    Good luck with everything you guys. Sounds like you will make a very interesting and informative program, instead of the hollywood sh-t, finding bigfoot is making.

    Also, very nice indeed that Dr. Jeff Meldrum will be a part of this.

    I can't wait!


    1. Meldrum is not going to stop teaching to go on the road to do a TV series, especially not with a couple of foul-mouthed long haired rockstar wannabes like Stacy Brown and his sidekick.

      Stacy Brown's daddy funds all of his little bigfoot projects. Daddy probably funded this scheme too. Now way would Meldrum consort with such low lifes otherwise.

    2. Why is it a problem, if it's her dad who sponsors this project?

      Of course Meldrum will not stop teaching, thats clear. I don't see anywhere, where I mention this.

      Only thing I say about Dr. Meldrum is, that I think it is very positive that he is taking part in this projekt.


    3. Find Bigfoot from HOME! Um Pocatello would be his home. Research your claims. Thank you anonymous #2.

  7. If someone has the money to do a show, why not go up into the wilds of Canada and set up a long term habituation situation and film THAT?

    1. I keep hoping that one day a show would be filmed up here.I know it's a big dream.
      Finding an area with Bigfoot would be a huge undertaking.I've been going out almost every weekend and I've hardly mad a dent in searching area.
      I've expanded my area by 5 kms. at best in two months.I have a central point and spiral out from there,trying to see everything.
      It's a huge,huge task.
      If there were teams strategically placed,that would make it easier.I don't know anyone with pockets that deep.

  8. Why does the BF community continue to attack itself over and over again. Sometimes, I feel like I'm watching a PTO meeting or a Soccer Club's board meeting.

  9. It's always easy to sit and blast someone else's success (see Finding Bigfoot) and to hate that shows popularity when YOU ARE an unknown (see YOU) BFRO, and the cast of this show all know that you have the smallest of chances of Finding a Bigfoot when you have to prance around the woods wearing those ridiculous cameras and lights all over your body.....BUT, that's the curse of having to be filmed for TV.
    They thought and struggled long and hard as to whether to even accept the chance to do this show because of the need to wear these things to be filmed. But in the end it was decided that to get the idea of Bigfoot more exposed to the public, why not try it.
    What happened? only the #1 show on Animal Planet. YOU should hope that your show has half that success. Actually the team hates the way they have to go about filming the "woods" sequence of the shows, but that's what TV requires.
    One last thought. As much as I, being an avid Squatcher, would watch it, MOST TV viewers will NOT sit and watch a hour show of what we really do when out looking for Bigfoot, which is a lot of sitting, and waiting, and hoping for things to happen, while in total darkness.... Just think aobut that, OK?

  10. @ Anonymous 1029pm, Meldrum likely watches MonkeyMaker and would also like to "cut them down"...obviously he is a pro so wont happen in public. Inversely, isnt Ranae some type of scientist? As a scientist I would be embarrassed and hide in shame if I was taking a paycheck to work with MonkeyMaker and Bobo. These idiots may have great intentions and beliefs but are 110% clueless about any type of scientific testing methodology; a great example is the fact that every turkey or deer call you've ever heard sounds similar/exact to the others. Why? Because real animals that identify/locate based on calls use species-specific sounds to do so....not rip a big fattie then yell through the woods like idiots. If MM visits near Eureka CA I will definitely be in the woods to hoax and embarrass them.

    1. Meldrum likes the Animal Planet show. He was the one who steered Animal Planet to Cliff, Matt and Bobo. They have all known each other for years. Meldrum knew they were the best ones for the show. The envious detractors who desperately want to "cut them down" dont realize that Meldrum basically selected those three guys for the Animal Planet show. Meldrum probably doesn't like the format of the show or the editing of the show, but he does like those three guys.

      I know Ranae personally. Ranae feels very fortunate to have been selected by Moneymaker for the show.

    2. Matt, Ranae, Cliff and Chumlee are a pretty good team.

  11. I will definitely watch but unless Project Sasquatch actually shows a bigfoot it wont be a better show just different.

  12. the problem is "Finding Bigfoot" is so successful because its so portrays alot of what alot of the general public feels about sasuquatch research and the like. "Project Sasquatch" wont be nearly as succesful as "Finding Bigfoot" because...well it will be to serious...not enough entertainment and Staurday night "popcorn" factor to it. The fact is people who take sasquatch research seriously are a minority...and to be honest...most folks dont believe in bigfoot anyways...they dont have invested interest in finding bigfoot...they just want to watch a goofy show and have a good time...sorry ...Project Sasquatch will flop and "Finding Bigfoot" will be it has been...

  13. So why is the BFRO considered the only "scientific" group to research bigfoot phenomenon? Because the members use expensive FLIR cameras that they buy from charging hundreds of dollars to go camping with them. There is absolutely no proven credentials as a "scientific" organization. Yelling in the woods, banging on trees, sleeping in the forest, using FLIR cameras: these are not scientific methods. I am a non-partial third party and Moneymaker is nothing more than a scam artist. Why don't he release his tax records to prove otherwise? He is not alone, for there are so many of these snake-oil salesmen (Loren Coleman, Biscardi to name a few) that are making money hand-over-fist with this non-existent entity. I say non-existent because if PGF is the best evidence, in this day and age of technology and personal electronic devices, we are all being terribly misled.